High genomic young sires of GenHotel members

Several high genomic young Holstein sires, bred by GenHotel members, rank high in various European countries for their national total-index. In addition these bulls have great genomic profiles without big faults. Some bulls are also polled or red carrier, which makes them even more interesting. The top genomic young sires are being used as mating sires in international breeding programs and are popular with progressive breeders too.

Below you will see a list of high scoring young Holstein AI-bulls, bred by GenHotel members (in alphabetic order).

  Name   Index   Pedigree   Breeder
Broeks Freemax 164 gRZG Imax x Modesty Broekhuis Vee, Harry Broekhuis, NLD
K&L GN Boudy 157 gRZG Gymnast x Rubicon GenHotel, NLD
K&L OH Rossi Guay 5179 gICO Gymnast x Rubicon De Oosterhof, Willem Scholten & GenHotel, NLD
KNS Bachelor P 161 gRZG Batch P x Board KNS Holsteins, the Niermann family, DEU
KNS Simon P 162 gRZG Semino x Board KNS Holsteins, the Niermann family, DEU
Koepon Random 390 gNVI Ranger x Board Koepon Genetics, W.N. Pon, NLD
Midwolder Martin 158 gRZG Adorable x Penley Midwolder Holsteins, the Van Erp family, NLD
Newhouse Jayvano RDC 401 gNVI Esperanto x Penley Newhouse Holsteins, Nieuwenhuizen family, NLD
Rhala Ex Benaco 4176 gPFT Casper x Jedi Rhala & Excellent Genetics, Vd Steege family, NLD
Riethill Summerlake 161 gRZG Charley x Balisto Riethill Holsteins, the Biesheuvel family, NLD
RZN Backfield 159 gRZG Benz x Commander RZN Holsteins, Johannes Nöhl, DEU
Tirsvad Gigastar 157 gRZG Gymnast x Silver Tirsvad Holsteins, Soren Ernst Madsen, DNK
Tirsvad Match P RDC 157 gRZG Mission P RDC x Silver Tirsvad Holsteins, Soren Ernst Madsen, DNK
Wilder Hulk P 159 gRZG Hotspot P x Euclid Wilder Holsteins, the Holtkamp family, DEU
Willem's-Hoeve Woody 408 gNVI Ranger x Jetset Willem's Hoeve Holsteins, De Jong family, NLD

Of course this is just a selection of young bulls, that changes continously. Do you miss specific bulls, let us know. Also a list of Red Holstein young bulls, bred by GenHotel members, will be published soon on this website

Click HERE for the actual mating sire lists on the GenHotel website.

RZN Backfield (Benz x Commander), at RUW Germany

Tirsvad Gigastar (Gymnast x Silver), at RSH Germany

Willem's-Hoeve Woody (Ranger x Jetset), at CRV (the Netherlands)

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