Herd classification Midwolder Farm

Very nice results after herd classification at Midwolder Farm. Four cows where classified VG-87, including 2 2-Yr Olds and 2 Older cows.


The two with VG-87 classified 2-Yr Olds are both daughters of Seagull-Bay Silver and both these cows are producing very well. Midwolder Susan 208 is a Silver daughter of Midwolder Susan 164 VG-87. The pedigree of this AltaIota daughter goes an VG-86 Gibor and a VG-88 Support back at O Man daughter Midwolder Susan 100 VG-88. Susan 208 is producing 16% above herd average.
The other Silver daughter is Midwolder Marjon 130 VG-87 (7% above herd average). She is classified with the maximum score (89 points) for het mammary system. The dam to Marjon 130 is the well-known Trigger daughter Midwolder Marjon 53 VG-85. Marjon 53 is the dam to Midwolder Movement (s. Regard) @ CRV and her pedigree goes via an VG-87 Mascol back at Midwolder Marjon VG-87 (O Man x Remarlinda EX-90), the dam to Midwolder Goldmar (s. Goldwyn) @ CRV.

Midwolder Marjon 53 VG-85
Midwolder Marjon 53 VG-85

More Marjon

More news from the Marjon family comes from Midwolder K&L Marjon 136. This Battlecry daughter is classified VG-85 and her dam is Midwolder Marjon 85 VG-85, a Rocky daughter of Marjon 53. Marjon 136 and her daughters are owned by K&L and Midwolder Farm. The most interesting daughter of Marjon 136 is Midwolder K&L Marjon 175, a +321 GNVI / +150 GRZG Esperanto. A full brother to Marjon 175 has been sold to Qnetics. Midwolder Marjon 133, a Regard sister to Marjon 136, is also classified VG-85.
Also backed by this family is Midwolder Marjon 109 VG-85, a Bookem half-sister to Marjon 53. Marjon 109 is projected at over 12.000 kg of milk with 3.50% protein and she has offspring by Simba (+351 GNVI & +307 GNVI) and Concert (+338 GNVI / +150 GRZG).


Dana is a Danisch 2-Yr Old that has arrived at Midwolder Farm only a week ago. This Refelctor daughter is already classified VG-86 and she is producing 45 kg of milk. Dana is purchaged by CRV for their breedingprogram and has a slightly different pedigree: Reflector x Fibrax x Sharky.

Midwolder Marjon VG-87
Midwolder Marjon VG-87

Older Susans

Finally the two older cows we mentiod above. Both hail from the Susan family. Midwolder Susan 163 RF VG-87 is a 4th lactation Fidelity granddaughter of Susan 100. Her lifetimetotal is now up to 43.331 kg of milk. Midwolder Susan 154 VG-87 is in her 5th lactation and she already produced 62.705 kg of milk. She has “Midwolder-blood” on both sides of her pedigree as she is sired by Midwolder Mardonno, a Mascol son of Midwolder Marjon VG-87.

Name Sire Dam Col La FR DS MS FL TOT
Susan 208  Seagull-Bay Silver Midwolder Susan 164 Z 1 86 87 88 86 87
Marjon 130  Seagull-Bay Silver Midwolder Marjon 53 Z 1 87 87 89 86 87
Susan 154  Midwolder Mardonno Midwolder Susan 122 Z 5 88 87 85 87 87
Susan 163 RF  Delta Fidelity Midwolder Susan 133 Z 4 89 88 86 87 87
Dana  S-S-I Mogul Reflector Fibrax x Sharky Z 1 87 87 84 87 86
Marjon 109  De-Su 521 Bookem Midwolder Marjon 15 Z 1 84 87 84 86 85
Marjon 136  De-Su 12109 Battlecry Midwolder Marjon 85 Z 1 86 85 84 85 85
Marjon 133  Delta Regard Midwolder Marjon 85 Z 1 84 85 85 86 85
Marjon 140  De-Su 12109 Battlecry Midwolder Marjon 53 Z 1 84 84 84 88 85

Midwolder Susan 100 VG-88

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