2 VG-88 daughters for K&L MOM Pam at Rovers Holsteins

K&L MOM Pam, a VG-85 Man O Man daughter of Willsbro Baxter Pammy VG-87 (Baxter x EX-95 Durham x Windy-Knoll-View Promis EX-95), turns out to be a great broodcow for Rovers Holsteins. Her Supersire son, RH Superman, is for example the current #14 daughter proven bull in Canada. Mom Pam also has nice female offspring. Her eldest daughter, RH Supersire Pam VG-85, is the dam to RH Powerball Pam P. This Polled Powerball daughter has already daughters sired by Sound System at Rovers Holsteins.

2x VG-88

At least 5 daughters (2-Yr Olds) of Mom Pam are classified with VG-86 on average. The highest of them are RH Silver Pam (s. Silver) and RH Supershot Pam (s. Supershot), both classified VG-88. An Alright daughter of Mom Pam is classified VG-86 and she also has GP-84 classified daughters of Kingboy and Camaro.

RH Delta Halo

RH Delta Halo is classified VG-86. Halo is a Delta daughter of Cookiecutter Ssire Have VG-86, a very popular Supersire daughter of Cookiecutter MOM Halo VG-88 (Man O Man x Goldwyn x Champion x Hershel x Rudolph x Bell Elton x Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95). A Rubi Agronaut daughter of Delta Halo, RH Agronaut Halo, scores +2712 GTPI.


Other high classified 2-Yr Olds at Rovers Holsteins are RH Dorcy Hiawat VG-88, a 3rd lactation Dorcy daughter out of the Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 family, RH Montross Evett VG-87, a Montross daughter backed by Whittier-Farms Lead Mae EX-95, RH MG Rihanna VG-87, a Mardi Gras that traces back at RR Riva VG-86, and Koepon 1st Classy 220 VG-86, a Alta1stClass daughter from the Koepon Shot Classy 17 VG-85 familie. Last mentioned is also purchased by Rovers Holsteins at the GenHotel Selection Sale and she has offspring sired by Kerrigan, Charismatic and Bandares.

Name Sire Dam Col La FR DS MS FL Tot
RH Dorcy Hiawat Dorcy Hiawatha 34 Z 3 86 87 91 83 88
RH Silver Pam Silver K&L MOM Pam Z 1 88 88 87 86 88
RH Supershot Pam Supershot K&L MOM Pam Z 1 88 89 88 87 88
RH Montross Evett Montross RH Headliner Evett Z 1 86 89 87 83 87
RH MG Rihanna Mardi Gras RR Shamrock Rihanna Z 1 85 86 88 84 87
RH Alright Pam Alright K&L MOM Pam Z 1 86 87 84 86 86
RH Delta Halo Delta Cookiecutter Ssire Have Z 1 84 85 88 83 86
Koepon 1st Classy 220 Alta1stClass Koepon Sprs Classy 141 Z 1 85 86 86 85 86
RH Kingpin Evett Kingpin RH Headliner Evett Z 1 85 85 85 84 85
RH Montery Eleo Monterey Vekis Eleonora Z 1 82 84 87 84 85
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