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New proofs NLD Holstein

The April proof run for bulls in The Netherlands has resulted in great results for a number of GenHotel members. Below are several highlights... Read more


Proofs The Netherlands (B&W)

By far the highest genomic bull in the Netherlands is Bouw Finder bred by Bouw Holsteins. This Balisto son from an Epic daughter of Bouw Goldwyn Femmy scores +376 GNVI.... Read more


5 Generations Susan @ Midwolder

How often does it happen that there are 5 consecutive generations out of a cowfamily active in a herd? The family van Erp (Midwolder Farm) have succeeded this with their awesome Susan family... Read more


New: GenHotel Webshop

New at the GenHotel website is the GenHotel Webshop that you can find in the category AUCTIONS. The GenHotel Webshop will be open “24/7”... Read more


Proofs: Holland (R&W)

Camion Van De Peul is the #1 red and white bull in the Netherlands with +308 NVI. The #2 is Lowlands Bolero (+270) a Lawn Boy son of Julia 382 EX-90... Read more

Midwolder Marjon / Remarlinda

Midwolder Marjon 53 VG-87

VG-87 Trigger x VG-87 Mascol x VG-87 O Man

Dam to Midwolder Movement (s. Delta Regard) @ CRV

Midwolder Marjon 85 VG-85

VG-85 Rocky x VG-87 Trigger x VG-87 Mascol

High Rocky from the same family as Midwolder Goldmar

Midwolder Marjon 82 VG-86

VG-86 Boss x VG-87 Trigger x VG-87 Mascol

High Boss out of the Remarlinda family!

Midwolder Marjon 134 VG-87

VG-87 Silver x VG-87 Trigger x VG-87 Mascol

Midwolder K&L Marjon 136 VG-85

VG-85 Battlecry x VG-85 Rocky x VG-87 Trigger

Topheifer for GRZG and GNVI

Midwolder Marjon 129 GP-84

GP-84 Riverboy RF x GP-84 Paradise x VG-87 Mascol

Top GNVI Riverboy

Midwolder Marjon 137 VG-86

VG-86 Penley x VG-86 Boss x VG-87 Trigger

Dam of Midwolder Martin (Sire of sons in NL and Ger)

Midwolder Marjon 147 GP-84

GP-84 Board x VG-85 Skyfall x VG-87 Trigger

High GNVI Board from the Marjon family

Midwolder Marjon 150 VG-85

VG-85 Jett x VG-85 Vitesse x VG-88 Beacon

Jett daughter from the Midwolder Marjon family

Midwolder Marjon 155

Concert x VG-85 Bookem x VG-87 Mascol

High GRZG and GNVI Concert daughter

Midwolder K&L Marjon 175

Esperanto x VG-85 Battlecry x VG-85 Rocky

High GNVI Esperanto daughter

Midwolder Marjon 188

Reloader x VG-86 Penley x VG-86 Boss

Midwolder Marjon 196

Casino x VG-85 Jett x VG-85 Vitesse

Midwolder Susan

Midwolder Susan 187 VG-87

VG-87 Balisto x VG-87 AltaIota x VG-86 Gibor

High Balisto with all-round genomics

Midwolder Susan 191 VG-86

VG-86 Goldmar x VG-87 AltaIota x VG-86 Gibor

The #1 GNVI (12-2015) GNVI Goldmar daughter

Midwolder Susan 211 VG-87

VG-87 Rubicon x VG-87 AltaIota x VG-86 Gibor

High GNVI and GRZG Rubicon from the Midwolder Susan family

Midwolder Susan 217

Final x VG-87 Balisto x VG-87 AltaIota

High Finder from the Susan family


Midwolder Massia 10 VG-89

VG-89 Classic x VG-86 Shottle x EX-90 Lentini

Great Classic x Shottle from the Massia family

Midwolder Massia 46 RDC EX-90

EX-90 AltaIota x GP-83 Goldwyn x VG-86 Shottle

Excellent AltaIota daughter

Scientific Jubilant Rae / C Glenridge Citation Roxy

Midwolder K&L Rosie Red VG-85

VG-85 Alchemy RDC x EX-90 Superstition x EX-90 Pronto

Rosie Red is fresh and looks good

FG Feline / Windy-Knoll-View Promis

Midwolder K&L Fiona GP-84

GP-84 Proventus x VG-86 Supershot x VG-86 Snowman

Her Lighter maternal sister is sold for € 15.000,- at the GenHotel Selection Sale

Manders / Southland Dellia

Midwolder K&L Day GP-80

GP-80 Jetset x VG-87 Platinum x GP-84 G-Force

Lovely Jetset from the Manders / Southland Dellia family

Midwolder Marie

Midwolder Marie 417 P Red GP-82

GP-82 Lacomy P x VG-85 Fidelity x VG-87 Classic

Polled from the Midwolder Marie family

Midwolder Jose

Midwolder Jose 12 EX-90

EX-90 Mr Savage x VG-87 Fiction RF x VG-85 Canvas

Great showcow from the Jose family

Midwolder Lilly

Midwolder Lilly 73 G-78

G-78 AltaGenuity x GP-82 Sundance x GP-82 Highlight

All-round Genuity from the Lilly family

Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror / Manat Mirage

Broeks Banru

Bandares x Rubicon x VG-86 Platinum

One of the highest GNVI heifers worldwide for her age

Tirsvad Luke Classic

Midwolder K&L Caren VG-87

VG-87 Baltikum x Anton x GP-83 Bookem

Proud to have bred

Midwolder Goldmar

Goldwyn x Midwolder Marjon

Midwolder Mardonno

Mascol x Midwolder Marjon

Midwolder Manilla

Fidelity x Starkenborg P S Massia 2

Midwolder Breakpoint

Brekem x Midwolder Massia 62

Midwolder Nemo Red

Nugget RDC x Midwolder Massia 46 RDC

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