Ginger-Red number 2 gRZG ánd RZEuro!

Today the German calculation center VIT has published the August 2020 breeding values. During this proof run the new breeding value RZEuro was introduced. This breeding value is calculated on the basis of the economic values of production and health traits, just like Net Merit in America and Pro $ in Canada. The weighting of the traits in the RZEuro is: milk production (41%), longevity (27%), health traits (16%), daughter fertility (7%), viability of calves (6%) and calving ease (3%). From now on, lists with both the gRZG and the RZEuro rankings are published in Germany.

Proven bulls
Of the top 10 RZG black & white daughterproven bulls, 5 are new in the top 10. Semino (Silver x Balisto) makes a great debut in 1st place with 156 RZG. Due to his high production transmission in combination with favorable health traits, he is also by far the number 1 RZEuro. The number 2 Sinus is also a Seagull-Bay Silver son, comes from place 5 and rises 6 points RZG. Riethil Alamo (AltaSpring x Fanatic), bred by the Biesheuvel family, rises from 145 to 150 RZG and is now in 6th place. Medon, the rank leader from April, has dropped 5 points RZG this run (now 146 RZG) and is now in place 16.
In the red-and-white proven bulls Step-Red and Schreur Apoll P Red remain the number 1 and 2. The highest new bull is Drouner Effektiv-Red, who makes a great debut with 144 RZG and starts at position 4. The Effort-Red son out of Drouner AJDH Freddie Aiko RDC VG-87 has an enormously complete profile and also sublime feet & legs. He belongs, together with his sire Effort-Red, to the highest red-and-white proven bulls for conformation! Also for health, Effektiv-Red, bred by the Albring family, scores above average on all traits, which also puts him in the top 10 RZEuro.

High genomic young sires
The top 10 gRZG for the black and white young sires has also changed considerably and the number 1 is now called Gladius, a Gazebo x Superhero with an extremely high production proof and 169 gRZG. As a result, Best Benz drops to place 2, but nevertheless rises 2 points in breeding value (now 167 gRZG). Star P RDC is the highest polled young bull (with 165 gRZG) and is also red carrier. This Solitair P Red x Semino will be used frequently as a sire of sons for both red and black in the coming period. So does K&L Sputnik RDC, the Spark-Red x Finder, which increases this run from 161 to 162 gRZG. Koepon RUW Linux, a Lightstar son of Koepon Amulet Regenia 245, also makes a fantastic debut in the top young bulls with 161 gRZG.
Six of the top 10 gRZG red-and-white young bulls are sired by Gywer RDC, who will thus have an enormous influence in the Red Holstein population in the coming years. Grando-Red was and is the number 1 and also the numbers 2 and 3, Sanderij Ginger-Red and Garnier-Red, are Gywer sons. The debuting Ginger-Red, bred by Johan and Siepie Hietbrink, transmits an enormous amount of milk, 133 gRZE & 124 gRZN and therefor also occupies the 2nd place on the RZEuro list. On this list he has to give the highest honor to Visstein K&L Money P Red, a Match P RDC son of Visstein K&L SV Aderina-Red VG-88 (s. Salvatore). Money P Red is in 4th place with 160 gRZG and is now, together with Solitair P Red, the highest red and polled bull on the German base. Sailor PP Red (Solitair P x Lucky PP Red) is the highest homozygous polled bull with 157 gRZG and scores in the top 10 for both gRZG and RZEuro.

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Riethil Alamo (AltaSpring x Fanatic), number 6 RZG proven Holstein bulls

Drouner Effektiv-Red (Effort x Freddie), number 4 RZG Red proven bulls

Sanderij Massia Sneeuwwitje RDC VG-89, 4th dam of Ginger-Red

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