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The August 2020 breeding values have also been published in America. Scale adjustments have been made for calving ease and stillbirths, read more about this here. The ranking of the bulls and the TPI levels have hardly changed, if at all, as a result of this adjustment.

Daughterproven sires
Despite a drop of 55 points TPI, AOT Silver Helix is ​​for the 4th time in a row the TPI list leader in the black and white proven bulls. The numbers 2 to 4 are also unchanged this proof run, namely Pine-Tree Burley, S-S-I Josuper Rocketfire and Welcome Silver Griff. New in the top 10 TPI is Peak Accelodin, an AltaHotrod x Ransom from the Sully Shottle May EX-91 family, which makes a great debut in 6th place. His half-brother, Peak Hotline (AltaHotrod x Mogul) is not doing so well this run. He loses 112 points TPI and drops (with 600 extra daughters) from place 5 to 26. This index run is watched with great interest at the achievements of Woodcrest King Doc. He adds almost 400 milking daughters and rises from 2690 to 2755 TPI, mainly due to an increase in his milk proof. Also in terms of conformation King Doc fully lives up to his promises and now scores (with 157 classified daughters) +3.32 PTAT (+0.22 higher than in April). He is therefore the only bull in the top 200 TPI above +3.00 PTAT!

High genomic young sires
RMD-Dotterer S-S-I Gameday has managed to take the lead with 3060 gTPI among young bulls older than 1 year. This Big Al x Blowtorch from the Milkworth Manfred Yadda VG-86 family combines a nice amount of milk with high components and scores very favorably for the health traits. The highest polled bull (also with 3060 gTPI) is Windstar Mendel P (Entity x Windfall), who already scored high in April and is now one year old. Genosource Captain (3036 gTPI) has also been in the highest echelons for some time, as are Plain-Knoll Lgcy Tribute, Sandy-Valley R Conway, and Peak AltaZazzle, whose first sons and daughters are already born and score between 3000 and 3100 gTPI.

Click HERE for all new released August 2020 bull proofs.

Woodcrest King Doc (Kingboy x Mack), top daughterproven sire with +3.32 PTAT

Windstar Windfall 4539 P VG-85 (s. Butz-Hill Windfall), dam of Windstar Mendel P

Peak AltaZazzle (Marius x AltaTopshot),
               high genomic young sire and sire of many very high sons and daughters

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