3 Excellent cows at Barendonk Holsteins

3 Cows are classified Excellent at Barendonk Holsteins yesterday. These cows hail from the 3 most important homebred cowfamilies at Barendonk Holsteins; the Brasilera, Paulina and Wilma family.


In May, due to a regular herd-classification, we already reported about “Brasilera-time at Barendonk” as two milkingheifers of Barendonk Brasilera 12 EX-90 where classified VG-88. Earlier her eldest daughter, Barendonk Brasilera 15, was also classified VG-88 as a 2-Yr Old. This Absolute Red daughter is now classified EX-90 (91 FR  89 MS  89 MS  90 FL). In her current 2nd lactation she and she is projected at 11.601 kg of milk with 3.65% protein. This makes us very curious about how the other daughters of Brasilera 12 will develop.

Barendonk Brasilera 12 EX-93 at the NRM 2014 where she was named Intermediate & Grand Champion


From the Paulina family hails Gesnow RF daughter Barendonk Paulina 177 RDC. She is classified EX-90 (89 FR  90 DS  90 MS  91 FL) and is almost 2 month fresh in her 3rd lactation. The dam to Paulina 177 is Talent daughter Barendonk Paulina 113 VG-89 (Talent x VG-87 Stadel x VG-85 Tulip x VG-87 Likes Red). Paulina 177 is a half-sister to the well-known and successful Award daughter Barendonk Paulina 139 RDC VG-88, dam to bulls such as Barendonk Chapeau (s. Chanel) and Barendonk Persie (s. Passe). Paulina 139 is also the granddam to Barendonk Paulina 187 RDC VG-87 (s. Brekem), dam to the popular (type)bull Barendonk Prestige-Red (s. Brasil) @ CRV.

Barendonk Paulina 113 VG-89
Barendonk Paulina 113 VG-89, dam to Paulina 177 RDC


And then off course the Wilma family. This family already breed many successful show cows and many high VG and/or EX cows. Now it was Big Apple daughter Barendonk Wilma 334 who is classified EX-90 (90 FR  91 DS  92 MS  88 FL). Her dam is Barendonk Wilma 273 VG-89, a Jotan daughter of Barendonk Wilma 196 EX-90. Wilma 196 is one of the successful Classis sisters of Barendonk Wilma 116 EX-90 (s. Tulip) and she placed 2nd in her class with Senior cows at the HHH-Show 2015. The first place cow in this class was Barendonk Wilma 199 EX-90, indeed, one of her full sisters!

Barendonk Wilma 273 VG-89, dam to Wilma 334 EX-90

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