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K&L MOM Pam VG-85

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Top GTPI Europe December

The new indexes of the females on US base are publiced now as well. You can find the Top 100 GTPI of Europe and the 50 highest new females on our GENOMICS page. De Oosterhof Holsteins en GenHotel own two of the top ten heifers!... Read more


GTPI results

The GTPI results of January are added to the site (see: Genomics). Below an overview with all animals that score over +2600 GTPI.... Read more


Proofs Canada (males)

The Canadian proofs (bulls) are added to the GenHotel website. The HIGHLIGHT of the proofs in Canada is RH Superman bred by Rovers Holsteins.... Read more

Windy-Knoll-View Promis

K&L MOM Pam VG-85

VG-85 Man-O-Man x VG-87 Baxter x EX-95 Durham

Great Man O Man daughter of Willsbro Baxter Pammy

RH Supersire Pam VG-85

VG-85 Supersire x VG-85 Man-O-Man x VG-87 Baxter

High GTPI Supersire of K&L MOM Pam

RH Powerball Pam P

Powerball P x VG-85 Supersire x VG-85 Man-O-Man

One of the higheest Polled Powerball daughters for GTPI

Cookiecutter MOM Halo / Snow-N Denises Dellia

RH Delta Have

Delta x VG-86 Supersire x VG-88 Man-O-Man

Top GTPI Delta granddaughter of Cookiecutter MOM Halo VG-88

RH Delta Halo VG-86

VG-86 Delta x VG-86 Supersire x VG-88 Man-O-Man

Francy Delta daughter from the Cookiecutter MOM Halo family

RH Agronaut Halo

Rubi Agronaut x VG-86 Delta x VG-86 Supersire

Lovely Rubi Agronaut granddaughter of Cookiecutter Ssire Have

RH Sounds Have

Sound System x Delta x VG-86 Supersire

Sound System backed by the Snow-N Denises Dellia family

Broeks MBM Elsa / Ever-Green-View Elsa

Oelhorst AK Iota Elsa VG-87

VG-87 AltaIota x EX-90 Shottle x EX-90 BW Marshall

Very fancy Iota daughter out of the Elsa family

Vekis Eleonora VG-86

VG-86 Doorman x VG-87 AltaIota x EX-90 Shottle

Fancy Doorman from Oelhorst AK Iota Elsa

Wabash-Way Evett / Whittier-Farms Lead Mae

RH Kingpin Evett VG-85

VG-85 Kingpin x VG-88 Headliner x GP-83 AltaIota

All-round Kingpin from the Wabash-Way Evett / Whittier-Farms Lead Mae family

Willem's Hoeve Rita

DT Totilas Rita 1 GP-84

GP-84 AltaOak x VG-87 Danillo x VG-89 Ramos

AltaOaks out of Willem's Hoeve Rita 6127, the #1 GTPI Danillo daughter in Europe

RH Rubicon Totilas 6

Rubicon x GP-84 AltaOak x VG-87 Danillo

High GTPI Rubicon

RH Apoll Petry P RDC

Apoll P Red x GP-84 AltaOak x VG-87 Danillo

Lovely Polled & Red Carrier Apoll P daughter

Gold-N-Oaks Arabell 1765

RR Gold-N-Oaks Anelle VG-87

VG-87 Snowman x VG-88 Ramos x VG-89 Shottle

Super Snowman daughter from Gold-N-Oaks Arabell 1765

RR Rieke

RR Shamrock Rihanna VG-85

VG-85 Shamrock x VG-86 Man-O-Man x VG-88 Goldwyn

Shamrock daughter from the family that also bred the German proven bull Riverland

Zandenburg Ebony / Rocky-Vu Rotate Extasy Ebony

Zandenburg Uno Ebony VG-86

VG-86 Numero Uno x VG-86 Planet x VG-86 Goldwyn

Numero Uno out of the full sister to Zandenburg Pazzini and Paston (proven bulls in Germany)

Ocean-View Zandra

HBC O-Cosmo Zahara GP-84

GP-84 O-Cosmo x VG-87 Toystory x EX-95 Mandel

Very fancy O-Cosmo granddaughter of Ocean-View Mandel Zandra EX-95

Vekis Phantastic / El-Dor Saber Pansy

De Vree Philine

Bookem x VG-88 Xacobeo x VG-87 Stol Joc

Outcross pedigree from the El-Dor Saber Pansy EX-95 family

Bouw Goldwyn Femmy / Ralma Juror Faith

RH Uno Femmy VG-87

VG-87 Numero Uno x EX-90 Goldwyn x VG-86 Shottle

Numero Uno dochter uit Bouw Goldwyn Femmy

Caps Mairy / Jo-Wal Cleitus Macey

Caps Mairy 7606 GP-84

GP-84 Epic x VG-85 Goldwyn x VG-85 O Man

Super Epic from the Caps Mairy family

Koepon Classy

Koepon 1st Classy 220 VG-86

VG-86 Alta1stClass x VG-86 Supersire x VG-85 Man-O-Man

Lovely Alta1stClass from the Koepon Shot Classy 17 family

Giessen Cinderella / C Glenridge Citation Roxy

RH Mod Cinderella 2

Modesty x VG-86 McCutchen x VG-85 AltaIota

Top GTPI Modesty from the Giessen Cinderella family

Regancrest-PR Barbie

RH Bandares Beauty

Bandares x GP-83 Draco x EX-92 Numero Uno

High GTPI Bandares with great health traits

Proud to have bred

RH Fiction RF

O Man x RH Jaantje 14 RDC (picture)

Popular RDC O Man son in the Netherlands

RH Jaantje 14 RDC VG-89

Ronald x RH Jaantje 10

Dam to RH Fiction RDC

De Vrendt Janine P Red VG-87

Lawn Boy x Canvas x O Man x RH Jaantje 14 RDC

Sold as embryo and now a popular donorcow at De Vrendt Holsteins - Fam. Lutke Willink

RH Superman

Supersire x K&L MOM Pam (picture)

High genomic bull at Semex

RH Tevez

Doorman x Oelhorst AK Iota Elsa (picture)

High genomic bull at Semex

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