#1 GTPI for Drouner, Duindam and K&L

Drouner K&L Classy is the #1 GTPI in Europe from June (see: Genomics). This Superhero daughter +2827 GTPI and is owned by Drouner Holsteins, Duindam Holsteins and K&L and hails of K&L SV Classy, a high Silver daughter that goes back at Koepon Shot Classy 17 VG-85.
Classy, she is also the #6 GTPI in Europe (overall), has an faultless profile. She combines a high production and +8.2 PL, +2.69 SCS, +2.6 DPR and +2.23 PTAT.

More Classy

More influence from the Classy family in the top of the GTPI list comes via Koepon Salv Classy 364, a +2755 GTPI Salvatore daughter owned by Koepon Genetics. Classy 364 is the #6 of June and her dam is Koepon Slvr Classy 228, also sired by Silver. Next dam is Koepon Mano Classy 93 VG-87, a Man O Man daughter out of an VG-85 Jeeves daughter of Koepon Shot Classy 16 VG-85, a full sister to Classy 17. A little further in the list you can also find Drouner K&L DH Classy 1484, a full sister to Drouner K&L Classy. Classy 1484 scores +2732 GTPI.

Diepenhoek & Wilder

Breed by Diepenhoek Holsteins is Diepenhoek Rozelle 145. This Bandares daughter scores +2755 GTPI and her dam is a Superman daughter of Diepenhoek Rozelle 65 VG-87 (Mogul x VG-86 Sandy x Diepenhoek Rozelle 25 VG-87).
Wilder Holsteins has several high testing heifers in the top. The highest is Wilder Holly, a +2752 GTPI Euclid daughter backed by the Batke Ouside Kora EX-94 family. Her dam is Wilder Honig, a Lineman daughter of Wilder Hira VG-85 (Saloon x VG-85 Snowman x VG-87 Goldwyn x Outside Kora). The Veelhorst Holsteins has a high Bourbon daughter with Veelhorst HH Karbon (+2726 GTPI).

Name Pedigree GTPI PTAT Owner
DROUNER K&L CLASSY Superhero x Silver 2827 2.23 Drouner Holsteins, Duindam Holsteins, K&L
TYNEVALLEY JEDI BAMBI-ET Jedi x McCutchen 2803 2.23 Tynevalley Holsteins
DG BODILE Charley 2787 1.97 DG
COL CANSAS Jedi x Supershot 2780 1.74 Colonia Cows
BB DG BOURBON SHEIRA 2 Bourbon x Silver 2758 2.21 BB Holsteins, DG
Koepon Salv Classy 364 Salvatore RC x Silver 2755 1.72 Koepon Genetics
Diepenhoek Rozelle 145 Bandares x Superman 2755 2.20 Diepenhoek Holsteins
WILDER HOLLY Euclid x Lineman 2752 2.34 Wilder Holsteins
BB DG BOURBON SHEIRA 4 Bourbon x Silver 2751 2.03 BB Holsteins, DG
COL DG HULAPALU Modesty x Tango 2747 2.90 Colonia Cows, DG
BB DG BOURBON SHEIRA 5 Bourbon x Silver 2737 2.11 BB Holsteins, DG
DG VEKIS LIBELLE Charley x Silver 2736 1.93 Vekis Genetics, DG
PRISMAGEN KG DELPHI Kerrigan x Commander 2736 2.53 PrismaGen
GEVELS WILLIE 23 Modesty x Numero Uno 2734 2.79 Gevels Holsteins
DROUNER K L DH CLASSY 1484-ET Superhero x Silver 2732 2.02 Drouner Holsteins, Duindam Holsteins, K&L
BB DG CHARLEY SHEIRA 2 Charley x Silver 2729 1.91 BB Holsteins, DG
WILDER KIRA Superhero x Penley 2729 2.44 Wilder Holsteins
WILDER HALMA Harmony x Modena 2726 2.30 Wilder Holsteins
VEELHORST HH KARBON-ET Bourbon x Silver 2726 2.04 De Veelhorst Holsteins
MODESTY-WIL 24454 Modesty x Modena 2725 2.48 German owned
WILDER HILMA Pledge x Saloon 2723 2.64 Wilder Holsteins
GO-FARM KOALA ET Charley x Silver 2720 1.36 Go-Farm Holsteins
WILDER KA 1 RED Apprentice RDC x Penley 2718 2.54 Wilder Holsteins
LUIS-OOH MDSTY-SHILA 2415 Modesty x Supershot 2717 2.36 Italian owned
KOEPON GATEDAN LOOKS 3 Gatedancer x Yoder 2707 1.96 Koepon Genetics

 Diepenhoek Rozelle 65 VG-87
Diepenhoek Rozelle 65 VG-87, grootmoeder van Rozelle 8805

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