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Successful GenHotel Selection Sale!

This edition of the GenHotel Selection Sale went well again. There was a lot of interest in the sale heifers from both home and abroad. Shortly after the opening of the auction, the first heifer was sold very quickly. Ultimately, with the more expensive sale lots... Read more


Photo(news) Riethil Holsteins

Recently two cows at Riethil Holsteins were 'in the picture'. One of these cows was bulldam Riethil Summer Love VG-86 (s. Balisto) the second cow which is photographed was the fancy Riethil Jasmine VG-85!... Read more


New proofs Germany

The German VIT centre has made several adjustments in the April proof calculation. This can cause considerable changes in the proofs of individual animals... Read more


New No. 1 Red carrier in Europe

There is a new No. 1 Red carrier female in Europe, Wilder Sanschein RDC at +2800 GTPI. She is an Imax x Profit x Brekem x Sanderij Massia Sneeuwitje. The Apina Massia 102 proofs to be... Read more


GTPI results

The GTPI results of January are added to the site (see: Genomics). Below an overview with all animals that score over +2600 GTPI.... Read more

Royal Idevra Eva / Ricerest Luke Lauren / Southwind Kaye

Riethil Evita VG-85

VG-85 Jedi x VG-88 President x GP-84 Mogul

Top GTPI from the Royal Idevra Eva family

NH Super Islandwave

NH Super Islandwave EX-91

EX-91 Superstition x VG-86 Shottle x EX-91 Juror Ford

Excellent Superstition daughter from the Gunnar family

Riethil Islandsire VG-87

VG-87 Supersire x VG-87 Lexor x EX-91 Superstition

Very high GTPI Supersire from the Gunnar family

Riethil Summer Love VG-86

VG-86 Balisto x VG-89 Mogul x EX-91 Superstition

Dam to Riethil Summerlake @ Masterrind (#3 GRZG; 12-2017)

Riethil Summer Breesh GP-80

GP-80 Charley x VG-86 Balisto x VG-89 Mogul

Top GTPI Charley in several systems, also +4025 GPFT (12-2017)

Riethil Silver Island VG-87

VG-87 Silver x VG-87 Lexor x EX-91 Superstition

Welcome Manfred Willa

Riethil Wilma VG-85

VG-85 Supersire x VG-85 Man-O-Man x VG-88 Marion

From the Welcome Radon family

Larcrest Crimson / Larcrest Cosmopolitan

Riethil Ciabatta GP-84

GP-84 AltaOak x Lewis x VG-87 Planet

Interesting AltaOak daughter from the great Cosmopolitan family

Riethil Cateleya GP-83

GP-83 Accurate x Supersire x VG-85 Freddie

High Accurate from the Larcrest Cosmopolitan family

WEH Jessica

Riethil Jasmine VG-85

VG-85 Silver x VG-86 Supersire x VG-85 Bronco

High GTPI Silver from one of Germany's highest (production)index family

Regancrest-PR Barbie

Riethil Breeshia VG-85

VG-85 Supershot x GP-83 Snowman x GP-83 Planet

Lovely Supershot daughter from the Regancrest-PR Barbie family

Grietje 80

Riethil K&L Goldstar GP-83

GP-83 Adorable x GP-84 Cinema x VG-86 Shotglass

High GNVI Adorable from the Grietje 80 family

K&L PK Precilla

Builder P x GP-83 Adorable x GP-84 Cinema

Riethil 3STAR Gold Lake

Summerlake x GP-81 Adorable x GP-84 Cinema

Summerlake daughter with A2A2 and a great profile!

Newhouse Sneeker

Riethil K&L Sneakers VG-88

VG-88 Banesto x VG-87 Stol Joc x VG-89 O Man

Stoneden Fools Gold Red

Riethil Black Rum

Hawai *Rc x Bandares x VG-85 Rubicon

Riethil Red Rum

Hawai *Rc x Bandares x VG-85 Rubicon

Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence E

Riethil Rosalie RDC

Swingman Red x VG-87 Rubicon x GP-83 Aikman RDC

Blondin Skychief Supra

Riethil Sublime

Crush x EX-96 Goldwyn x EX-93 Red Marker

Crush daughter from the 'one and only' Canadian Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal EX-96: first of her class @ World Dairy Expo & All American 2017!

Liddleholme Resur Lu-ET

Riethil Luna

Altitude-Red x Solomon x EX-97 Resurrect

Granddaughter of the one-and-only LIDDLEHOLME RESUR LU-ET EX-97!

Proud to have bred

Riethil Summerlake

Charley x Riethil Summer Love

#3 GRZG (12-2017)

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