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VOST Select Sale 9, Friday evening online at 8.00 PM

Thu 18. Nov from 12 noon:  Start online pre-bidding
​Thu 18. Nov at 5.00 PM:      Open barn @Ostfrieslandhalle Leer, Germany
Fri 19. Nov at 8.00 PM:        Online sale at

⇒ Register first!

From Thursday, November 18th noon we offer the possibility for 'pre-bidding'. In order to bid for your favourite, it is necessary to register early. If you haven't already done this, we recommend that you do to so at Do you already have an account, but have you forgotten your password? Then click on 'I forgot my password' on this page. For more information, click HERE.

The current Corona measures make it possible to organize a 'Meet & Greet' with breeders and consignors. On Thursday 18 November at 5.00 PM the Ostfrieslandhalle (Nessestrasse 1 26789 Leer, Germany) is open to watch the sale animals. This is only possible with a valid vaccination certificate (QR Code) or a negative Corona test (not older than 24 hours). A face mask is required!

On Friday, November 19th at 8.00 PM the online auction starts. All sale heifers will be auctioned in catalogue order by Auktioneer Eric Lievens via  

Lot numbers:
The catalogue can be found online on the sale page. Here you will also find videos and photos of the lot numbers that will not be in Leer on Thursday evening. Below is a list of the selling lots, which you can watch during the Meet & Greet in Leer:

Lot numbers present:
No.   Name No.  Name
1     GWH Carla VG 86 37    Blondin Supergirl
3     Rueben Applecrumble RDC 38    Mox Arve
4     Eva-Marie 39    Nieke
5     Kröger Jerseys Gerda 40    Amore
8     Salsa Red P 41    ViG Melody P Red
9     KNS Coco Chanel Red 42    Amelie Red
10    GHH Lamoure RDF 43    DHU MarsBerry
11    NN Sunrise 44    AM Atacama-P RDC
12    Adella P RDC 45    NH Hawanna RDC
13    Mox Manitoba P Red 47    RR Hostesse P RDC
16    Cinderella Red 48    Jacobs GA Brettonia
17    Greta 49    MS Helix Cleo
18    Delta   52    FG Lamborghini Red
19    ViG Babsi 53    GHO Zandra
23    GWH Heaven RDC VG 86 54    Season
28    Wilcor Unix Narcotic 59    Belinda
29    Golden Oaks Chicago 60    KHL Grace Kelly
30    MOK Julie 62    Inka PP Red
32    RR Rosmarie RDC 63    Arizona RDC
33    KNS Daft Punk RDC 67    Rapid Bay Honeymoon


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