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ZB Orlanda RDC & ZHW Diavolo are up for sale!

The Masterrind Exclusive, supported by two offers of ZB Holsteins & ZHW Holsteins, will take place on February 28th, next Wednesday. This auction offers great lots, including these two heifers from impressive and well-known cow families that will be a welcome addition to your herd!... Read more


'Wilkommen' ZB Holsteins!

We are happy to welcome ZB Holsteins, Züchtbetrieb Böttjer, as a new member of GenHotel! The German dairy farm of the Böttjer family is located north of the city of Bremen and has been focusing on index breeding for some time now. Böttjer is especially successful on TPI & RZG, this is reflected in their current list of donors and high scoring heifers.... Read more

Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk

ZB 3STAR Sunday Red

Freestyle-Red x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore Rc

One of the most interesting and promising heifers at ZB Holsteins! Sunday Red is one of the highest Freestyle daughters for gTPI & RZG Great type indexes

End-Road Morden Maze

MB EasyRide

Coverboy x Bennie x Entity

EasyRide is a Coverboy with a flawless genomics profile  High components and carries A2A2 Same family as sires Comeback & Allied!

MB TakeitEasy

Rainow x Bennie x Entity

S-S-I Robust Magic 7228 family Great TPI & RZG scores! Rainow with A22

Hendel Durham Mitzi

ZB Malaga

Comeback x Foreman x Rafinha

Comeback from the Hendel Shottle Mica cow family

Lylehaven Lila Z

ZB Likeme

Comeback x Arrozo x VG-86 Skywalker

Goes back to the legendary Lylehaven Lila Z

THI Xtra

ZB 16534

Revolution x Palmer x VG-88 Kensington

ZB 16535

Revolution x Palmer x VG-88 Kensington

Revolution out of the German/Luxembourg 'X' line of THI Xtra.

Willem's Hoeve Rita

ZB 16530

Capitol x Hunting x VH Crown

Top Capitol from the Rita's Impressive indexes in America and Germany!

ZB Romy

Arizona x Hunting x VH Crown

Rita descendant sired by Arizona Flawless profile with super type scores in Germany

Proud to have bred

ZB Netflix

Nexus x ZB Mandarine @Synetics

ZB Pokerboy

Proximo x ZB MAR Ladyla VG-86 @Synetics

ZB 3STAR Milosch

Migel son at Synetics


Camden RDC x ZB 3STAR Bella

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