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'Wilkommen' ZB Holsteins!

We are happy to welcome ZB Holsteins, Züchtbetrieb Böttjer, as a new member of GenHotel! The German dairy farm of the Böttjer family is located north of the city of Bremen and has been focusing on index breeding for some time now. Böttjer is especially successful on TPI & RZG, this is reflected in their current list of donors and high scoring heifers.... Read more

Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk

ZB 3STAR Sunday Red

Freestyle-Red x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore RDC

One of the most interesting and promising heifers at ZB Holsteins!

ZB 3STAR Summer Red

Freestyle-Red x Rubels-Red x GP-84 Salvatore RDC

Freestyle-Red with sky high RZG & TPI scores

Hendel Durham Mitzi

ZB Mandarine

Simon P x VG-86 Imax x VG-87 Battlecry

Same family as a.o. Masurati & Oasis.

ZB 02802

Adaway x Humblenkind x VG-87 Battlecry

ZB My Girl

Foreman x Rafinha x VG-86 Imax

ZB Mette RDC P

Star P RDC x Gigabyte x VG-86 Imax

Lylehaven Lila Z

ZB Livia

Proximo x VG-86 Skywalker x VG-85 Superhero

Fantastich PFT, RZG & TPI!

ZB Leslie

Carenzo x VG-86 Skywalker x VG-85 Superhero

Flawless Carenzo daughter with a tremendous RZG score!

ZB Lalana P RDC

Star P RDC x VG-86 Skywalker x VG-85 Superhero

A2A2 Polled Star P RDC

THI Xtra

ZB Xenia

Palmer x VG-88 Kensington x Lighter

Wa-Del RC Blackstar Martha

ZB 3STAR Katinka

Floris x VG-85 Cidre x VG-85 Citizen

A2A2 Floris from a interesting bull dam family

ZB Kathleen P

Sinan PP x Floris x VG-85 Cidre

Polled Sinan PP with stunning type traits, transmitting both milk and super health!

Proud to have bred

ZB Netflix

Nexus x ZB Mandarine @Masterrind

ZB Pokerboy

Proximo x ZB MAR Ladyla VG-86 @Masterrind

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