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Annie 149 EX-91

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Annie 149 sets the Senior Championship to her name!

Several GenHotel members participated in the first Dutch show of 2024 last week; the Wintershow Etten-Leur. This day was extra memorable for the Oostvogels family who won the championship of the senior cows with the fourth calver Annie 149 (by Big Malki).... Read more


The EmbryoSale offers strong type pedigrees!

A great offer is currently for sale in our GenHotel EmbryoSale with a grandiose level of type pedigrees bred to high-indemand type sires! Bids can be placed until Thursday, December 14th 3.00PM. For embryos from the 3STAR EmbryoProgram, please contact us for conditions and prices.... Read more


Potential 13th generation VG/EX in a row!

This Friday, the Oostvogels family will sell a Carf Emeraude EX-91 offspring which they bought as an embryo from Ritmaster Holstein's JK Eder DG Awesome Esmeralda RDC VG-86. This combination was made with the all-round conformation sire Farnear Delta-Lambda. One of these born heifers will be sold during the VOST Select Sale ‚Äč!... Read more


First Wintershow brought success for GenHotel-members

During one of the first local dairy shows, members De Rith Holsteins, Oostvogels VOF and Southland Holsteins competed for the big titles. The success came early this day during the first Dutch local Winter show of 2023. Now that many shows have to be canceled due to IBR, we take an extra moment to extensively enjoy this success.... Read more


GenHotel welcomes: Oostvogels Dairy

With a great milkproduction per cow of 11,593 kgs with 4.40% fat and 3.50% protein, the herd of Oostvogels VOF is achieving a high average from their 105 cows dairyherd. Partly due to years of striving for balanced cows and placing extra emphasis on udders and legs, this herd reaches a high level on conformation basis in addition to top production.... Read more

Carf Emeraude

Aw Esmeralda 2

Milano x VG-86 Awesome-Red x EX-92 Doorman

From the well-known Carf Emeraude!

Esmeralda Lambda

Delta-Lambda x VG-86 Awesome-Red x EX-92 Doorman

Delta-Lambda from 12 generations VG/EX!

Juniper Outside Wish

Thunderstorm Wanda

Thunder Storm x Doc x GP-82 Solomon

Wilstar-RS Tlt Limited-Red

Arvis 1

Moovin*Rc x VG-88 Arvis*Rc x VG-85 Dusk RDC

Lactating Moovin RDC from 9 generation VG/EX!

Wulfstock Mabelpoll P

KNS Molina P VG-89

VG-89 Trend x Boss x EX-90 Ladd P

Intermediate HM Wintershow Etten-Leur 2022

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