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New GenHotel member: Manders Holsteins

One won embryo changed the future of Manders Holsteins' herd in one fell swoop. This embryo resulted in the birth of Manders Dellia 1, a Braedale Goldwyn daughter out of Southland Delta Dot. A name that we still encounter in many important pedigrees to this day and with which the influence of Manders Holsteins can still be felt.... Read more

Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence

3STAR OH Leina

Parfect x GP-83 Charl x VG-85 AltaTopshot

High scoring Parfect on American basis

Heide Sjoerdje

Manders Suze 2 VG-86

VG-86 Ranger x VG-88 Esperanto x VG-86 Atlantic

Dam to Manders Upside @CRV

Manders Suze 3

Fragrant x VG-86 Ranger x VG-88 Esperanto

Full sister to Manders Upside @CRV

Midwolder Marjon

Midwolder Marjon 260 P

Nippon P x GP-82 Reloader x VG-86 Penley

Full sister to the former no. 1 polled gNVI heifer!

Manders Marjon 1 PP RF

Warren P RF x Nippon P x GP-82 Reloader

Highest NVI PP heifer!

Manders Marjon 4

Flagstone x Nippon P x GP-82 Reloader

Roylane Mark Carmen

Manders Cookie VG-86

VG-86 Crownmax x GP-83 Axminster x VG-87 Board

Former no. 1 gNVI Crownmax

Manders Cookie 2 P RDC

Cartoon P Red x VG-86 Crownmax x GP-83 Axminster

Proud to have bred

Manders Upside

High scoring bull @CRV Fragrant x Ranger, no. 2 gNVI (2-2022)

Manders Don

By Jetset, straight from the Dellias

Manders Dazzel

Finder x Bube

Manders Marius RF

Proven sire at CRV (Addison x Cash)

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