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Maternal sister of Farnear TBR Aria Adler EX-96 sells!

It was a fantastic World Dairy Expo 2021 for the 8-yr-old Farnear-TBR Aria Adler RDC EX-96 - McCutchen granddaughter of KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96. Aria Adler RDC EX-96 won the famous 150,000 lbs Production class at the WDE, after having already conquered many North American shows last year.... Read more


You can't get much closer to KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96

Did you always dream of having your own KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96 descendant? Than this is the time to get one! During the GenHotel Selection Sale, which opens tomorrow morning at 9.00 AM, you can make this dream come true. We would like to introduce you to this Farnear Altitude-Red granddaughter of Apple-Red EX-96 herself with +3.16 gPTAT & +2.33 UDC!... Read more

C Alanvale Inspiration Tina

De Wildsheuvel Warrior Tessa RDC

Warrior-Red x EX-92 Sid x EX-93 Alexander

De Wildsheuvel Warrior Tess RDC

Warrior-Red x EX-92 Sid x EX-93 Alexander

KHW Regiment Apple-Red

De Wildsheuvel Apple RDC

Altitude-Red x VG-85 Doc x EX-96 Regiment

Snow-N Denises Dellia

Solution Ruby

Solution x VG-87 Numero Uno x EX-90 Robust

De Wildsheuvel Doorman Donna

Doorman x EX-94 Alexander x VG-88 Goldwyn

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