Unique: Red Altitude Granddaughter of Subliminal

One of our favorites on the Vost Select Sale is OV Budjon Sublime Red. She is a Red granddaghter of the all time favorite Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal EX-96, who produced over 120.000 kgM lifetime already! 

OV Budjon Sublime Red her dam is Budjon-Vail Sebiscuit RDC by Awesome Red. Sebiscuit is just fresh in 2nd lactation and produces 45kgM a day and has been classified 13 days fresh with the very high score of VG-88 with an excellent mammary system in Canada. Last week Sebiscuit was sold on the Royal Time Online Sale and topped the sale for $38.000!  

OV Budjon Sublime Red her sire Farnear Altitude-Red is one of the best Red type bulls worldwide. His semen is not available in Europe and only some embryos came to Europe! Farnear Altitude-Red his dam, Farnear-Tbr Aria Adler, was classfied again recently and is now EX-96! That means both of OV Budjon Sublime Red her granddams are EX-96 !

Subliminal EX-96 was very succesfull on big show show, for example she was first in her class on the World Dairy Expo 2017 in the class of cows over 150.000 lbs milk! Also Blondin Redman Seisme EX-97 is from thsi cowfamily and the granddam of Subliminal is the succesfull broodcow Blondin James Supra EX-90! OV Budjon Sublime Red is a great heifer herself and will sell with embryo contracts!

Do not miss this chance of getting a calf with Aria and Apple on the top side and Subliminal and Supra on the bottum side! Bid last at November 27th!

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Please find below pictures of OV Budjon Sublime Red eand family members and her video.

Lot 38 Vost Select Sale: OV Budjon Sublime Red ET

Budjon-Vail Sebiscuit RDC, classified 13 days fresh with VG-88 EX-MS in Canada!

Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal EX-96

Farnear TBR Aria Adler RC EX-96, granddam of Sublime Red throught her son Farnear Altitude-Red

Blondin Redman Seisme EX-97, same family!


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