Promis family performing well at Rovers

The Windy-Knoll-View Promis EX-95 family is expanding more and more at Rovers Holsteins, also due to the tremendous production potential of this originally US cow family. K&L Mom Pam VG-85, purchased as a heifer by Rovers at the GenHotel Selection Sale, has proven to be a fantastic brood cow with many high producing daughters. As well she is the dam of the graduated proven sire at Semex, RH Superman, one of the highest Seagull-Bay Supersire sons in Canada and USA.

Several high producing descendants from the very successful Promis family at Rovers Holsteins are:

► RH Alright Pam VG-86 (Vision-Gen Alright x Mom Pam VG-85) : In her 2nd lactation she is projected (305 days) at 12.789 kgs milk with 4.29% fat and 3.50% protein, 28% over herdaverage.

► RH Rubicon Pam (Rubicon x Supersire Pam VG-85) : As a 2-yr-old several milk recordings over 40 kgs/day, projected (305 days) at 11.158 kgs milk with 4.05% fat and 3.12% protein, 14% over herdaverage.

► RH Silver Pam VG-88 (Silver x Mom Pam VG-85) : Very fancy milking heifer, in 305 days 8.922 kgs milk with 3.99% fat and 3.38% protein, 12% over average.

► RH Supershot Pam VG-88 (Supershot x Mom Pam VG-85): As a milking heifer 20% over average, after 2nd calving now projected at 11.561 kgs milk with 4.26% fat and 3.61% protein (11% over herdaverage).

► RH Kingboy Pam GP-84 (Kingboy x Mom Pam VG-85): In her 1st lactation 14% over average, as 2nd calver projected at 10.561 kgs milk with 4.87% fat and 3.70% protein (9% over average).

K&L Mom Pam VG-85, Man O Man x Baxter x Durham x Windy-Knoll-View Promis EX-95

Windy-Knoll-View Pammy EX-95 (s. Durham), granddam of K&L Mom Pam

Windy-Knoll-View Promis EX-95 (s. Rudolph), influential brood cow

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