Classification Bacchus Holsteins

At Bacchus Holsteins recently 28 milking heifers are scored, including 3 Red Holstein heifers with in average 85.0 total score and 85.7 points for mammary. Also several cows are rescored, like the 3rd lactation and highest producing cow in the herd Bacchus Eliza Mae 6, an O Daddy out of the Whittier-Farms Lead Mae EX-95 family, now scored VG-89 and EX-90 MS. Three cows are rescored VG-88: Bacchus Rita 604 Red (s. Applejax RDC) with VG-89 MS, Bacchus Kavien 30 Red (s. Pitbull RDC) and Bacchus Ikessy 2 P RDC (s. Mitey P RDC).

A very special cow is bulldam Bacchus Aukje 448 W Red, a red lineback Fun P daughter scored now VG-87 in her second lactation. Her lineback son of Mars Laurent P RDC is purchased by CRV and soon she will be flushed with Jacko PP Red.

Highest scored 2-yr-old this round is Bacchus Renske 112 RDC, a VG-88 Jotan-Red x Goldwyn from the homebred Renske family. Also Bacchus Aukje 453 Red, a fancy Julandy-Red x Zabing RDC, is descending from an own bred cow family and classified VG-87 & VG-87 MS. Bacchus Hiawatha 7 P RDC, a polled and red carrier Kansas P Red daughter out of the Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 family, is also scored VG-87 (VG-86 MS).

  Name    Sire x MGS   Cow family Lac FR DS MS FL TOT
Bacchus Renske 112 RDC Jotan-Red x Goldwyn  Bacchus Renske 1 89 89 86 89 88
Bacchus Aukje 453 Red Julandy-Red x Zabing RDC Bacchus Aukje 1 87 87 87 86 87
Bacchus Hiawatha 7 P RDC Kansas P Red x Goldday Golden-Oak Prudence 1 88 86 86 87 87
Bacchus Tex-B 3 RDC Julandy-Red x Goldday Art-Acres Tex B 1 85 87 87 86 86
Bacchus Tonia 26 P RDC Ocean PP x Xavi-Red Bacchus Tonia  1 88 87 86 85 86
Bacchus Alicia 14 RDC Passe-Red x Goldday Shoremar S Alicia 1 78 83 88 88 85
Bacchus K&L Hayley 7 Anamur x Balisto Snow-N D Dellia 1 86 87 86 83 85
Bacchus Scarlet Z 10 RDC Leonidas RDC x Acme RDC Windsor-Manor Zip 1 84 83 85 87 85
Bacchus Jaantje 375 RDC Talentino-Red x Malando-Red Korver Jaantje 1 84 85 84 86 85


Bacchus Eliza Mae VG-89 (s. Alexander), dam of Bacchus Eliza Mae 6 VG-89

Willem's Hoeve Rita 0438 Red VG-87, granddam of Bacchus Rita 604 Red VG-88

Bacchus Aukje 448 W Red VG-87 (Fun P Red x Murphy), bulldam for CRV

Cookiecutter Mom Halo VG-88, granddam of Bacchus K&L Hayley 7 VG-85

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