New classification scores Batouwe Holsteins

As red and white lovers, the Bakker family knows which cowfamily to get. Last year nine animals from Batouwe Holsteins GOT (new) classification scores. Those nine dairy cows got an average score of VG 87.4 , 87.8F and 87.4 for the mammary system! From these nine, five of them are first calvers. They got a mean classification score of VG 86.4.

Some of the greatest highlights:

- Batouwe Ks Lilly Red PP (Kansas P x VG-87 Ladd P): 87R 86DS 89MS 88FL  - VG88
Lilly Red PP is offspring of the famous Lylehaven Lila Z  EX-94, this also applies to sire Apo Red PP (s. Apoll P). This cowfamily marks because of its fantastic comformation in combination with a great profuction both milk as components. 

Lylehaven Lila Z EX-94 (v. Durham) 4th dam of Lilly Red PP 

- Batouwe Catharina 3 (Apoll P x VG-89 Camion): 89R 88DS 85MS 87FL  - VG87
- Koe Fabiola-Red (Applejax RF x VG-87 Tableau): 91R 89DS 91MS 88FL   - EX90 / 3rd lac.
Some great showtitels has Fabiola-Red already won in the last couple of years. Her family is a great, deep German showfamily! Fabiola's 3rd dam, KOE Fabiola EX-92 (s. Caveman-Red) is known for her participation in the European Holstein Show back in 2000. She is dam to sires DKR Bared and Laurel Red.

KOE Fabiola EX-90 (s. Applejax)

- Batouwe Catharina 80 (Camion x EX-91 Kian):     87R 86DS 89MS 90FL  - VG89 / 5th lac.
The Catharina family marks because of its gigantic fatt and protein! Catharina 80's daughter, Catharina 3 got her first classification of VG-87.

Batouwe Catharina 80 VG-89 (s. Camion) dam of Catharina 3 (s. Apoll P)

- Share DG Agnieska Red (Payball x Fageno): 89R 89DS 89MS 90FL  - VG89 / 2nd lac.
Agnieska-Red VG-89 was Champion Young Red Holstein in Hoornaar 2018. Her matriarch is the well-known cow Felder Den-Barb Cindy EX-91.

Share DG Agnieska Red VG-89 (s. Payball)


GenHotel congratuates the Bakker family with these stunning restults!

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