Fancy heifers at Red Rocks Holsteins

At Red Rocks Holsteins in The Netherlands several fancy heifers from international renown cow families are milking now. Out of these proven families a number of bulls are in AI-studs in Europe.

The Massia's
The Apina Massia family is the most extensive cow family at Red Rocks and is still expanding. Red Rocks Massia 149 Red, a daughter of the homebred top proven sire Red Rocks Effort Red, is recently scored VG-86 with VG-86 MS. Great-Red daughter Massia 148 Red VG-85 (VG-85 MS) peaked over 40 kgs/day as 2-yr-old and is already 23% over herdaverage.

Other families
Red Rocks K&L Warsi 9 Red is a VG-86 Akyol Red daughter of Bonhill Warsi 124 RDC VG-87 (s. Snowman) and a maternal sister of Effort Red and Lazar P. Warsi 9 has a fabulous mammary system, which is scored VG-89, the maximum score for a 2-yr-old. Also Red Rocks Wilma 32 Red (s. Akyol Red), out of the homebred Wilma family, is classified VG-86 (VG-87 MS). Red Rocks Ebony 2 RDC (out of the Rocky-Vu Rotate Ebony EX-94 family) and Red Rocks K&L Fd Quickie, a Finder from the Italian New-Farm Quantita EX-91 family, are scored VG-85 with VG-85 MS.

At the recent classification a few cows are rescored too, like the 3rd lactation Nano P daughter Red Rocks Jacolien 11 Red, producing 55 kgs/day and now VG-88 with EX-90 MS. Red Rocks Massia 136 Red (s. Riverboy RDC) and Massia 138 Red (s. Paloma-Red) are both in 2nd lactation and rescored VG-86 for Total Score.

Name  Sire x MGS Cow family Lac FR DS MS FL TOT
Red Rocks K&L Warsi 9 Red Akyol Red x Snowman Dutchglen Chieftess 1 87 85 89 84 86
Red Rocks Wilma 32 Red Akyol Red x D Mason Red Rocks Wilma 1 86 86 87 86 86
Red Rocks Massia 149 Red Effort Red x Everspen Red Apina Massia 1 86 88 86 86 86
Red Rocks Grietje 3 Red Great Red x Bookmark RDC Molenkamp Grietje 1 84 86 87 82 85
Red Rocks Massia 148 Red Great Red x Emerald Apina Massia 1 85 86 85 85 85
Red Rocks Ebony 2 RDC Brekan Red x Boss Rocky-Vu Ext Ebony 1 85 85 85 85 85
Red Rocks K&L Fd Quickie Finder x Mardi Grass New-Farm Quantita 1 86 84 85 80 85


Bonhill Warsi 124 RDC VG-87 (s. Snowman), dam of Red Rocks K&L Warsi 9 Red VG-86

Molenkamp Grietje 58 VG-87 (s. Mr Burns RDC), 3rd dam of Grietje 3 Red VG-85

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