Bolleholster Adele classified with MAX EX-91!

During The European Holstein Championship in Libramont in 2019 the Go-Farm Pitbull RDC daughter, owned by Van der Eijk, made an amazing impression in the B&W Junior Class by winning her class. More than a year later, as a 4.02-yr-old now, this fabulous black cow got the maximum score of EX-91!

This tremendous show cow did not only grow in height ( > 1.65 m), but also developed her very fancy mammary and well-balanced frame. No wonder she upgraded her mammary system and frame score to EX-92!

The moment all the Dutch cow fans have been waiting for: 
Adele winning her Junior B&W Class at the European Championship 2019

Van der Eijk owns, besides Adele, two more EX cows after the very successful classification day. Grietje 117, in her 4th lactation now, is classified EX-90. Future Dream H. Amor daughter Ground Lake Inge raised her score to EX-90 / 92 MS. She is now in her 3rd lactation.

Highest classified milking heifer is Jacoby Anya 3, sired by Cycle Doorman Jacoby. She proudly owns her first score of VG-88 / MAX 89 FR & DS. Anya 3 VG-88 is a daughter of Bolleholster Albertina VG-87, the full sister of the daughterproven top type sire Eclipse Atwoods Archrival!

Bolleholster Albertina VG-87 (s. Atwood), dam Jacoby Anya 3

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