13 Generations VG/EX at Hedra Holsteins

During Hedra Holsteins' classification day several 2-yr-olds turned got really nice scores! No less than eight 2-yr-olds and two young cows met the classifier. A VG-88 score for one of the first calvers made the Vernooij family owner of a 13th generation with Very Good or Excellent! 

The VG-88 score was for Hedra Remarlinda 1120 (by Delta Lendor). Her super udder attachment and her rear udder height made her also score VG-88 MS!  Remarlinda 1120 VG-88 is a member of the famous European Remarlinda EX-90 family, and is with her amazing score the 13th generation with VG or EX in a row!

Another Remarlinda, Hedra Remarlinda 110, scored VG-85/VG-87 MS. This 2-yr-old is also sired by Lendor and a halfsister of Remarlinda 1120 VG-88's dam Hedra Remarlinda 810 VG-88.

Delta Riana VG-89 (by Nelson) dam Hedra Remarlinda 110 & maternal sister Hedra Remarlinda 810 VG-88

The Willem's Hoeve Rita family was well represented by Hedra Rita 1178 Red (s. Kingfarm Holsteins Anreli-Red). With VG-88 for her feet & legs it was no suprise her total score went up to VG-87! Rita 1178 VG-87 is part of a influential cow family and one of her known ancestors is greatgranddam Willem's Hoeve Rita 885 VG-85, full sister of progeny proven bull Willem's Hoeve R Browning. This red 'Rita' produces great components and is projected at 4.40% fat & 3.61% protein in 305-days.

She's not the only Red Holstein classified at Hedra Holsteins, also Delta Aafke Red VG-86/VG-88 FR (s. Delta Jim P-Red) and Hedra Alumette 1119 Red GP-84/VG-87 FR, sired by Delta Jetski-Red, met the classifier that day.

All eight 2-yr-olds made a big impression according the average total score of VG-85.9! Scores went from GP-84 to VG-88, below you'll find the highlights:

Name Sire Dam Col Lact FR DS MS FL TOT
Remarlinda 1120 Lendor Remarlinda 810 VG-88 B 1 88 86 88 87 88
Rita 1178 Anreli-Red Riva GP-83 R 1 87 86 87 88 87
Annecy 898 Concert Annecy 489 VG-86 B 2 86 87 85 86 86
Alumette 1101 P RDC Ranger Abby P Red VG-86 B 1 85 84 87 87 86
Marie 1108  Radiator Monique VG-86 B 1 86 86 87 86 86
Aafke Jim P-Red Abby P Red VG-86 R 1 88 85 86 84 86
Alumette 722 RDC Brasil RF Alumette 523 Red VG-86 B 3 86 85 86 84 85
Remarlinda 1104 Lendor Riana VG-89 B 1 85 84 87 82 85
Rita 1159 Reloader Riva B 1 85 84 85 84 85
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