Sudena Holsteins - Ernst-Jan Mensink


Genomic index DEU: +137 GRZG (2020-04)

Production -370 M 0.60%F 0.37%P 36 F 18 P 117 RZM
Health 116 RZN 125 RZS 121 RZR
Type 97 KÖR 108 MTY 131 EUT 117 FUN 127 RZE

Genomic index NLD: +303 GNVI (2020-04; R&W)

Production 515 M 0.39%F 0.14%P 57 F 31 P 256 INET
Health 597 LVD 105 UGH 113 CGT 108 VRU
Type 100 FR 100 RB 113 UI 107 BE 111 TOT


Sudena Roxita Red

Elixer Red

De Oosterhof DG Rose RDC VG-87

2.05 305d 10.920kgM 4.12%F 450kgF 3.35%P 366kgP
4.02 305d 12.286kgM 5.24%F 644kgF 3.55%P 436kgP

Super transmitting cow, several sons in AI and granddam of 3STAR OH Red Ranger @ Semex!!


Telgter Aikman Doreen RDC GP-83

2.04 305d 7.904kgM 4.57%F 361kgF 3.49%P 276kgP

Top GTPI and GNVI from the Prudence family

Aikman RDC

Holbra Manoa VG-85

2.05 305d 8.844kgM 4.51%F 399kgF 3.79%P 335kgP
3.09 305d 10.784kgM 4.21%F 454kgF 3.73%P 403kgP
5.06 305d 11.153kgM 4.55%F 508kgF 3.61%P 403kgP

Next generations

  • Holbra Pam VG-87 (s. Mascol)
    Lifetime: 2062d 73.468kgM 4.46%F 3274kgF 3.57%P 2620kgP
  • Sunday ALH Prudence VG-88 (s. Durham)
  • Mayerlane-DK Hiawatha EX-90 (s. Rudolph)
  • Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 (s. Chief Mark)
  • Ogden Hanover Sex Prudence EX-91 (s. Sexation)
  • Dreamstreet Rorae Pocohontis EX-93 (s. Elevation)