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New female top 100 NVI R&W

It took some time, but since this week the official top 100 list NVI ​​for females in The Netherlands and Flanders has been published. The black and white as well as the red and white list is filled with numerous females from GenHotel members. The red and white NVI list includes an astonishing number of 27 heifers... Read more


Your vote for the Red Impact Cow Of The Year

You can vote on your favorite Red Impact Cow until the 27th of April. This election is introduced bij Holstein International and counts 25 nominated R&W and RDC cows this year. GenHotel will introduce you to several great animals from our members which have been put forward!... Read more

Holbra / Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence

De Oosterhof DG Rose RDC VG-87

VG-87 Rubicon x GP-83 Aikman RDC x VG-85 Man-O-Man

Super transmitting cow, several sons in AI and granddam of 3STAR OH Red Ranger @ Semex!!

Sudena Roxita Red

Elixer Red x VG-87 Rubicon x GP-83 Aikman RDC

Roxita Red is een dochter van de genomineerde'Red Impact Cow Of The Year 2020' OH DG Rose RDC VG-87

Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret RC / Glen Drummond Splendor

K&L RM Sara RDC GP-84

GP-84 Breaker RDC x VG-86 Brekem RDC x VG-87 Alchemy RDC

Red Carrier Breaker form the Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret / Glen Drummond Splendor family

Sudena K&L Sarah Red

Filou RDC x GP-84 Breaker RDC x VG-86 Brekem RDC

Apina Massia 21

Sudena Massia Red GP-83

GP-83 Carnival-Red x VG-87 Solero x VG-87 O Man

Red Carnival-Red daughter

Sudena Josje / Wietske

Sudena Josje 2 GP-83

GP-83 Endure x VG-87 Shogun x VG-88 Ramos

Kamps-Hallow Durham / D-R-A August

3STAR OH Aileen Red

Rubels-Red x Salvatore RC x VG-86 Rubicon

Proud to have bred

Sudena Jasper

Envious x Sudena Josje

Sudena Kiparra

Kindness x Sudena Janet 10

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