Sander Holsteins - Jan Sander


C Glenridge Citation Roxy

Koepon Crisalis Doma 43 Rf

Crisalis RF x AltaAltuve RDC x Apprentice RDC

Doma 43 Rf is a well balanced red carrier Crisalis RDC with 2785 gTPI, 4371 PFT & 296 gNVI! She can be flushed soon.Doma 43 Rf traces back to the "Queen of the Breed", the legendary Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97. This family has delivered many high ranking bulls, including Woodcrest King Doc, Brenland Denver & Scientific Destry RDC.

Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence

Dyani Miami GP-81

GP-81 Miami x Charl x VG-85 Altatopshot

>2900 gTPI & 950 NM$ scoring Farnear Miami

Donia Miami

Miami x Charl x VG-85 Altatopshot

>2950gTPI & 357 gNVI scoring heifer!

Koepon Marble Range 127 Rf

Marble-Red x GP-84 AltaAltuve RDC x VG-86 Salvatore Rc

With +2.32 gPTAT the highest type heifer of the Koepon Summer Sale! Her dam by AltaAltuve RDC produces 4.71%F and will get her first score soon! Three of her sons are already purchased by AI's. This cow family has the ability to create great type animals, like Swingman Red daughter Roseanne Red with VG-85 (VG-87 MS).

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