New Moore Holsteins - Mts. Withaar-Prent


Genomic index USA: +1998 GTPI (2024-04)

Production -142 M 0.05%F 0.07%P 8 F 14 P -125 NM
Health -1.7 PL 3.04 SCS -1.2 DPR
Type 0.57 UDC 0.14 F&L 1.30 PTAT

1 Progeny

New Moore Cheers Esmeralda 139
s. Cheers


New Moore Fitz Esmeralda 103 EX-92

1.11 305d 9.578kgM 4.70%F 450kgF 3.91%P 374kgP
3.05 305d 11.763kgM 4.70%F 553kgF 3.64%P 428kgP
5.01 305d 11.779kgM 5.00%F 588kgF 3.46%P 408kgP

94 FR  94 DS  92 MS  89 FL  EX-92


New Moore Esmeralda 38 EX-93

Lifetime: 3.606d 141.122kgM 4.23%F 5.969kgF 3.59%P 5.066kgP

Amazing: 11.000kg fat & protein!

O Man

New Moore Esmeralda 29 VG-88

2.02 305d 9.844kgM 3.89%F 383kgF 3.33%P 328kgP
3.07 305d 10.587kgM 4.31%F 456kgF 3.33%P 352kgP


New Moore Esmeralda 26 GP-83

Lifetime: 2.778d 81.478kgM 4.04%F 3.292kgF 3.21%P 2.615kgP

Next generations

  • New Moore Esmeralda 18 VG-85 (s. Rudolph)
  • New Moore Esmeralda 2 (s. Hardtac)
  • Delta Esmeralda VG-86 (s. Cleitus)
    Dam of Delta Lava and Delta Novalis
  • Walkup Bell Lou Etta VG-88 (s. Bell)
  • Walkup Astronaut Lou Ann EX-94 (s. Astronaut)
  • Willowlyn Elevation Lou EX-91 (s. Elevation)

Hole in One