Aalshorst Holsteins - Melkveebedrijf Scholten


Genomic index NLD: +356 GNVI (2022-12; R&W)

Production 2282 M -0.07%F -0.03%P 95 F 79 P 557 INET
Health 794 LVD 105 UGH 112 CGT 104 VRU
Type 107 FR 104 RB 105 UI 106 BE 109 TOT


Aalshorst Geertje 349 P Red

Launch PP Red

Aalshorst Geertje 313 Red VG-87

1.11 305d 8.833kgM 4.30%F 380kgF 3.69%P 326kgP

Female offspring with scores up to 365 gNVI!

Abundant P Rf

Aalshorst Geertje 232 RDC VG-85

1.11 305d 8.483kgM 4.44%F 376kgF 3.51%P 297kgP
2.10 305d 9.987kgM 4.66%F 465kgF 3.86%P 386kgP
3.10 305d 13.106kgM 4.26%F 558kgF 3.64%P 477kgP


Aalshorst Geertje 131 RDC VG-86

Lifetime: 2.549d 86.187kgM 4.55%F 3.922kgF 3.96%P 3.413kgP

Very nice Elburn daughter from the Geertje family

Next generations

  • Aalshorst Geertje 103 RDC VG-86 (s. Goldwyn)
  • Aalshorst Geertje 61 VG-88 (s. Lightning RDC)
  • Aalshorst Geertje 54 VG-88 (s. Merton)
    Dam of Aalshorst Pleasure (s. Talent) and Aalshorst Balaton (s. Lightning)
  • Aalshorst Geertje 46 Red GP-84 (s. Goldie)

Elburn RDC