Lot: 4 - Holbra Halina 6

Lot: 4

Holbra Halina 6

Heifer Peak Fortnite
Positive x Frazzled x Montross
Holbra A-L-H Halina
Solution x Silver x Supersire

A in the Netherlands and America tested Peak Fortnite from the famous Snow-N Denises Dellia family!

Holbra Halina 6 (Fortnite x Solution x VG-86 Silver) tests 2769 gTPI. Granddam has made two lactations with lots of milk and good components!

The pedigree is backed by the Global Cow of the Year 2019 - Cookiecutter MOM Halo VG-88. She makes the connection with bulls such as her son Halogen and grandson Aot Silver Helix - the No. 1 progeny proven TPI sire of  08-2019. Cookiecutter Ssire Have VG-86 (3rd dam) is the full sister of Helix's dam: Cookiecutter Ssire Has VG-88!

The VG-86 Silver granddam of Halina 6 is the 10th generation VG/EX in a row. Dam Holbra A-L-H Halina will calve for the first time in October, but is already well on her way to stand into her dams footsteps!

Halina 6

Holbra Halina 6
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Genomic index USA: +2745 GTPI (2022-08)

Production 1304 M 0.13%F 0.04%P 87 F 53 P 874 NM
Health +4.3 PL 2.83 SCS -1.7 DPR
Type 1.05 UDC -0.45 F&L 0.59 PTAT

Genomic index NLD: +288 GNVI (2022-04; B&W)

Production 2114 M 0.16%F 0.02%P 107 F 76 P 564 INET
Health 555 LVD 102 UGH 104 CGT 100 VRU
Type 100 FR 102 RB 106 UI 98 BE 102 TOT


Holbra Halina 6


Holbra A-L-H Halina

Due October 2022


A-L-H Havanna VG-86

2.06 305d 14.496kgM 4.53%F 657kgF 3.51%P 508kgP
4.06 305d 16.265kgM 4.51%F 734kgF 3.51%P 571kgP


Cookiecutter Ssire Have VG-86

2.05 305d 13.382kgM 4.9%F 656kgF 3.7%P 495kgP

Next generations

  • Cookiecutter MOM Halo VG-88 (s. Man-O-Man)
    Holstein International Global Cow of the Year 2019
  • Cookiecutter GLD Holler VG-88 (s. Goldwyn)
    She is the dam of Hunter @ CRV and Hefty @ Semex
  • MS Kings-Rnsm Champ Haley EX-90 (s. Champion)
  • Regancrest-JDV Hanna EX-90 (s. Hershel)
  • Long-Haven Rudolph Dee EX-90 (s. Rudolph)
  • Regancrest Elton Disrael VG-88 (s. Bell Elton)