Lot: 1 - 3STAR OH Maudi

Lot: 1

3STAR OH Maudi

Heifer Rzh Migel
Milktime x Rubi-Asp RDC x Supershot
Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia
Riveting x Superhero x Silver

From the family of Gold-N-Oaks Morty Malibu EX-94, this Migel granddaughter of multiple bull dam Pen-Col Superhero Mistral VG-89 with A2A2 is now offered!

3STAR OH Maudi scores a fantastic 152 gRZG with very high health traits! In addition, she also transmits a lot of milk on both a German and Dutch basis. 

This American family has made a big advance on a TPI and RZG basis in recent years! This has led to the fact that five sons of granddam Mistral VG-89 are already in AI and Magnolia's dam has at least three sons in AI. 

Magnolia has heavily been used as a donor for the Breeding Program. Maudi, however, is the only female Migel offspring!

3STAR OH Maudi

3STAR OH Maudi 2
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Genomic index DEU: +152 GRZG (2022-08)

Production 1602 M 0.00%F 0.00%P 56 F 45 P 135 RZM
Health 125 RZN 112 RZS 123 RZR 125 RZGes 2266 RZ€
Type 115 KÖR 89 MTY 108 EUT 111 FUN 114 RZE

Genomic index NLD: +301 GNVI (2022-04; B&W)

Production 2967 M -0.56%F -0.28%P 70 F 75 P 498 INET
Health 694 LVD 101 UGH CGT 105 VRU
Type 105 FR 107 RB 107 UI 101 BE 107 TOT


3STAR OH Maudi


Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia

Fantastic heifer with topgenomics in different systems that has 8 bulls sold in AI already with more to come!


Pen-Col Superhero Mistral VG-89

2.11 305d 12.698kgM 4.68%F 594kgF 3.69%P 468kgP

Topcow with 5 sons in AI, all high on both GTPI & GRZG!


Pen-Col Silver Missy

Next generations

  • Pen-Col SS Mistress GP-82 (s. Supersire)
  • Pen-Col Bookem Mattie VG-87 (s. Bookem)
    Moeder van Pen-Col Ss Macoy
  • MS Gold-N-Oaks Maybaline VG-88 (s. Man-O-Man)
  • Gold-N-Oaks S Marbella VG-89 (s. Shottle)
  • Gold-N-Oaks Morty Malibu EX-94 (s. Morty)
  • Gold-N-Oaks Marshl Cinda VG-87 (s. Marshall)