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5 embryos Capitol
Carenzo x Merryguy x Superhero
HM Precious P
Star P RDC x Prosperous x Missan

Dam Priska was purchased during the VOSt Select Sale 2019, then flushed and brought more than 20 offspring with high indexes into the German RZG system for her owner. Including Precious P's full brother HM Strong P, which is with 156 gRZG the number 3 polled genomics sire in Germany!

Polled donor HM Precious P (by Star P RDC) tests 145 gRZG with 125 gRZS & 123 gRZGes. In five generations, she traces back to Holbra Bolton Paulona VG-85, which has been flushed intensively. 

The Prudence family remains in great demand,due to female offspring with high fat + protein, fantastic conformation and the strength of breeding offspring that score high in multiple genomics systems.

Prudence is the foundation behind lots of high testing, popular ed factor, Red and Holstein bulls. Such as Germany's no. 1 progeny proven DG OH Topstone, 3STAR OH Ranger Red - the top red genomic sire worldwide, the number 1 gRZG red and polled Koepon Sirius P Red, Koepon AltaRefine Red and HM Strong P.

Flushed to Capitol. An all-round Carenzo son with 2827 gTPI, 283 gNVI and a top 159 gRZG! In addition, he transmits 149 gRZM and 127 gRZN.

The embryos are stored in Netherlands.
Prinzessin 50
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Genomic index DEU: +145 GRZG (2023-04)

Production 1165 M 0.14%F -0.03%P 62 F 37 P 133 RZM
Health 120 RZN 125 RZS 105 RZR 123 RZGes 1842 RZ€
Type 91 KÖR 101 MTY 109 EUT 124 FUN 116 RZE

Genomic index NLD: +253 GNVI (2023-04; B&W)

Production 1323 M 0.18%F -0.11%P 74 F 35 P 318 INET
Health 412 LVD 106 UGH 110 CGT 102 VRU
Type 90 FR 93 RB 107 UI 100 BE 100 TOT


HM Precious P

Star P RDC

Priska ET GP-82

2.08 305d 10.248kgM 3.93%F 403kgF 3.32%P 340kgP

dsam of HM Strong P @RSH


Prinzessin VG-86

LA1 305d 11.267kgM 3.54%F 399kgF 3.20%P 360kgP
LA2 305d 13.812kgM 3.57%F 493kgF 3.24%P 448kgP


Prinzessin VG-88

LA1 305d 12.816kgM 3.89%F 494kgF 3.41%P 436kgP
LA2 305d 14.175kgM 3.81%F 514kgF 3.45%P 465kgP
LA3 305d 15.222kgM 4.34%F 661kgF 3.42%P 521kgP

Next generations

  • Peggy VG-86 (s. Denim)
  • Holbra Atwood Patty VG-86 (s. Atwood)
  • Holbra Bolton Paulona VG-85 (s. Bolton)
  • Holbra O Man Paula VG-87 (s. O Man)
  • Holbra Petra EX-90 (s. Morty)
  • Sunday ALH Prudence VG-88 (s. Durham)