Guay new number 1 gICO in Spain!

The Summer proof run in Spain has generated a new rank leader: K&L OH Rossi GUAY. Guay is a Boldi V Gymnast son with 5179 gICO and by far the highest genomic young sire in the Spanish system, almost 200 points gICO over the number 2. He transmits a high milkproduction with positive components, very favorable health traits and is one of the few bulls in the top 50 gICO with +2.00 for both udder, feet & legs and total score. Also in the German system Guay ranks with 161 gRZG (and 137 gRZE) in the top 15 and belongs to the highest Gymnast sons.

The cow family behind Guay is the beautiful and type strong Whittier-Farms Outside Roz EX-95 family. His dam, Siemers Rubicon D-Rozza VG-87, is a fancy daughter of the number 3 TPI proven sire EDG Rubicon out of Siemers Doorman Roz EX-93. Next generations are an EX-91 Man-Oman x EX-91 Elegant x EX-95 Outside x EX-93 James x EX-91 Leader x EX-90 Lindy. Other popular young sires from the internationally respected Roz family are Siemers Rozume, Siemers RUW Rafting, Siemers Roadshow, Riverdown Unstopable-Red and Riverdown Incredibull-Red.

Guay is imported as an embryo from US through GenHotel, born at GenHotel member De Oosterhof and delivered to the Spanish AI-stud Xenetica Fontao. His full sister, K&L OH Rozella, is the number 1 gTPI Boldi Gymnast daughter globally and scores well in Germany and The Netherlands too.

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Siemers Rubicon D-Rozza VG-87 (s. Rubicon), dam of K&L OH Rossi Guay

Cherry-Crest Manoman Roz EX-91 (s. Man-O-Man), 3rd dam of Guay

Whittier-Farms Outside Roz EX-95 (s. Outside), 5th dam of Guay

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