GTPI Oktober 2017

The GTPI's from November are added to the Genomics page. Among the top 10 are heifers owned by Koepon Genetics and Wilder Holsteins.

Name Pedigree GTPI Owner
WHO ALEXIS Bandares x Damaris 2880 WHO Holsteins
MHD ELSTER Jedi x Headliner 2846 MDH Holsteins
  Achiever x Delta 2819 UK Owned
KERRIGAN-MD CANDI Kerrigan x Delta 2807 German Owned
VEKIS DG LAYLA Bourbon x Silver 2804 Vekis Genetics
  Spectre x AltaSpring 2801 UK Owned
KOEPON MODE CLAUDIA 71 Modesty x Silver 2793 Koepon Genetics
KOEPON BLO REGENIA 247 Blowtorch x Lesson 2774 Koepon Genetics
WILDER FURY Modesty x Supershot 2773 Wilder Holsteins
RZN FEDERAL MAYA-ET Federal x Silver 2767 RZN Holsteins
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