Great classification at Abtshoeve

Recently Abtshoeve Holsteins had a visit from the classifier and finished the day off with several great results. Abtshoeve Anky 6685 Red claimed the highest score with VG-88 and was also the only red and white of a total of 18 milking heifers. Anky 6685 Red is a daughter of the well known top type sire Scientific Defiant RDC and offspring of the Dutch Apina Massia family. Her latest milk recording shows a tremendous daily production of 45 kgs per day.

Another outlier of this classification is Abtshoeve Ella 6677. She's also a Defiant daughter and got the great score of VG-87. Ella 6677 is a grand daughter of Bons Holsteins Ella 145 EX-92 (s. Lyster)​. The Van Beek family milks four more full sisters of this first calver, they have an average score of 84.5 points!

Bons Holsteins Ella 145 EX-92 (s. Lyster), granddam of Abtshoeve Ella 6677 VG-87

Two milking heifers of the Abtshoeve Mina familie got great scores too. Abtshoeve Marlo, sired by Welcome Legendary, is classified VG-86 and Kingboy daughter Abtshoeve Willemijn 6676 scored VG-85. Abtshoeve Mina 511 VG-88 was the important foundation cow, which let to the success of this family. She managed to get a son in AI: Abtshoeve Bokko (s. Billion). Mina 511 also has several daughters and granddaughters with scores of VG-85 or more.

Abtshoeve Bokko (Billion x Abtshoeve Mina 511 VG-88)

Classification results:

NAme sire dam sire r ds ms fl AV R/b
Anky 6685 Red Defiant Acme 88 88 88 87 88 R
Ella 6677 Defiant Atwood 87 88 87 86 87 B
Marlo Legendary Supershot 87 87 86 85 86 B
Lucky Sparkle Malki 84 84 84 88 85 B
Willemijn 6676 Kingboy Shotglass 85 86 86 83 85 B


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