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Great classification at Abtshoeve

Recently Abtshoeve Holsteins had a visit from the classifier and finished the day off with some great results. Abtshoeve Anky 6685 Red claimed the highest score with VG-88 and was also the only red and white heifer of a total of 18. Anky 6685 is a daughter of the well known sire red carrier Defiant and offspring of the Dutch Apina Massia family.... Read more


Abtshoeve Anky 6685 Red VG-88

VG-88 Defiant RDC x VG-87 Acme x VG-86 Kylian

Etazon Renate

Abtshoeve Rian 6407 VG-85

VG-85 Rubicon x VG-85 Bookem x VG-87 Bolton

Rubicon from the full sister to Delta Bookem Danno

Abtshoeve Rian 6410

Rubicon x VG-85 Bookem x VG-87 Bolton

Rubicon from Delta Atlantic's family

Abtshoeve Rian 6442 VG-87

VG-87 Silver x VG-85 Bookem x VG-87 Bolton



VG-86 Legendary x VG-87 Supershot x Numero Uno

Proud to have bred

Abtshoeve Lucky Addi EX-90

Addison x Abtshoeve Lucky Jabot 2

Abtshoeve Snooky 5 VG-87

Gibor x K&L LC Snooky

Important broodcow for Den Hamer Holsteins (sold as a heifer)

Abtshoeve Bokko

Billion x Abtshoeve Mina 511

Abtshoeve Bokko is a proven sire at Masterrind

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