Esperanto daughter VG-87 at Hedra Holsteins!

It was time for a classification at Hedra Holsteins. Thirteen heifers were scored by the classifier. Highlight of the day was Weelder Esperanto daughter Hedra Jessi 1015 with VG-87!

Hedra Jessi 1015, the 2-yr-old heifer scored VG-87, is a granddaughter of Hedra Delta Jessi 477 VG-89 (s. Snowfever), who was classified as a heifer with a maximum score of VG-89. Jessi 105 VG-87 (s. Esperanto) impresses with her well-balanced frame and super the feet & legs. She decends from a deep German/American cow family, from which the German brood cow WEH Jessica VG-88 (s. Laudan)  and proven sires as Roylane Socra Robust, Westenrade AltaSpring, S-S-I Montross Jedi and Plain-Knoll King Royal also descend.

WEH Jessica VG-88 (s. Laudan) family member

The red and whites managed to perform well in the mostly black-fur company. Hedra Alumette 1023 Red (s. Rody-Red) scored a nice VG-86. In Alumette 1023 Red VG-86 her pedigree you will only find females which are scored VG or EX. For example, the matriarch of this line is the Belgian Suzan EX-91 (s. Stadel). This Aalshorst Rody-Red-daughter of Hedra Holsteins is a half sister of the home-bred proven sire Hedra Allround-Red.

Hedra Delta Alumette 4-Red VG-87 (s. Jerudo), dam of Hedra Alumette 1023 Red VG-86

The thirteen classified heifers scored an average total score of 84.4.

Name Sire Dam Col Lac FR DS MS FL TOT
Hind Snowman  Hesbay VG-86 Z 6 90 89 88 89 89
Jessie 1015 Esperanto Jessi 630 VG-87 Z 1 87 86 86 87 87
Alumette 1023 Rody-Red Alumette 4-Red VG-87 R 1 86 86 85 86 86
Telstar G Handy P RDC Delta Suze  VG-86 R 1 87 87 84 86 86
janke 1031 Esperanto Janke 702 GP-83 Z 1 86 86 86 87 86
Janika Topgear Joni 2 GP-84 Z 1 86 84 87 85 86
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