Average of VG-85 due to the Rita's at Willem's-Hoeve Holsteins

Classifcation days at Willem's Hoeve Holsteins are always a great happening with stunning results. The last classification day was once again fantastic. This time there were 25 dairy cows to get scores, 24 of them got there first scores as first calvers. These 24 first calvers got an average total score of 85! 

One of the heifers which stood out was Willem's-Hoeve Rita 1786 (s. Attico Red). Rita 1786 is a red and white first calver from the well-known Rita family. She got a total score of 87 with an amazing maximum score of 89 for her fancy and well-balanced dairy system. The famous Willem's Hoeve Rita family is a great banner for this dairy farm. This particular cow family defined itself by it's fancy type with great mammary systems and attractive genomic results. Besides Rita 1786 there are 14 other descendants of the wonderful Rita family classified. When you look at the total classification scores of these 15 milking heifers, the average came out at 85.5 points! 

 NAme  sire  MGS FR DS MS FL TOT R/B
Rita 1786  Attico Red Alchemy 88 89 86 87 87 R
Rita 1809  Beemer  Snowman 87 86 88 86 87 B
Rita 1881  Solomon McCutchen 86 85 88 87 87 B
Rita 1884  Duplex Bradnick 88 88 86 88 87 B
Rita 1894  Sanchez Goldwyn 87 87 89 84 87 B
Rita 1906  Control Distinction 86 85 86 88 87 B
Rita 1876  Impression Chevrolet 87 87 87 85 86 B
Rita 1893  Diamondback RDC Atwood 84 86 87 84 86 B

Highest classification scores from offspring of the Rita family at Willem's-Hoeve Holsteins

Willem's Hoeve Rita 885 VG-85 (s. Snowman) dam of Rita 1809 VG-87 (s. Beemer) Rita 885. She's the fullsister of Willem's Hoeve R Browning at CRV

Willem's-Hoeve Lorri 1895 (Moises x Kanu P) got a great score in her first lactation of 88FR 86DS 87MS 86FL  - TOT 87. Lorri has this two amazing cows in her maternal line : Scientific Debutante Rae EX-92 & Hanoverhill Tony Rae EX-96

Hanoverhill Tony Rae EX-96 (s. Elevation Tony) matriarch of Lorri 1895 VG-87

One second calver, Willem's Hoeve Baily 1610 (s. Silver) got a great new score: 91FR 89DS 89MS 89FL  - VG 89. She's a Silver out of a VG-87 Doorman, with Regancrest Juror Brina EX-92 as their matriarch. At Willem's Hoeve there are two full sisters of Baily 1610 present. These three sisters got an average score of 87.3! 

Willem's Hoeve Baily 653 VG-89 (s. Atwood), granddam of Baily 1610 VG-89

Regancrest Juror Brina EX-92 (s. Ked Juror) matriarch of Baily 1610 VG-89

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