The 28th Highlight Sale will take place on Friday January 11th, 2019 in the Zentralhallen Hamm, Ökonomierat-Peitzmeier-Platz 2-4, Hamm, 59063, Germany.

Schedule :
11.00 h : 14th Young Breeders Day (showmanship contest, judging contest & heifer show)

19.30 h : Honoring ceremony Young Breeders
19.45 h : Honoring ceremony Breeders
20.15 h : 28th Highlight Sale with presentation of BOARD progeny group
22.30 h : Raffle & After Sale Party

Contact persons GenHotel :
Boudewijn Koole            Mob.: +31 6 54796318       E-mail:
Martijn van der Boom    Mob.:  +31 6 24217748       E-mail:

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For your information: At the Highlight Sale purchased heifers can be exported on Friday directly after the sale.

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Lot 2. RC Eileen

Lot 7. ViG Marylin

Lot 9. Ornate

Lot 10. Hoe Ms Padawan Amg

Lot 11. Blackbaby RDC

Lot 13. WR Monday

Lot 14. Son Kim Red

Lot 19. Dolce Vita

Lot 20. HFP Basima

Lot 21. Raisa

Lot 23. ETG Kathleen

Lot 24. Blues

Lot 25. THI Hedda

Lot 26. Macekin

Lot 27. Bolleholster Albertina VG-87 (v. Atwood), moeder van Jacoby Anya 4

Lot 28. HIN K&L Marnie Red

Lot 32. WIT Extrem Red

Lot 33. RC Evylin

Lot 34. KOE Larissa Red

Lot 39. KOE Inga RDC

Lot 40. THI Fivestar

Lot 42. THI Daisy

Lot 43. Sally PP

Lot 44. WIT Damur

Lot 46. Gin Yingyang P (Hotspot P x Battlecry)