The VOST Select Sale 7 will take place on Friday November 29th, 2019 in the OstFrieslandhalle, Nessestrasse 1, 26789 in Leer, Germany.

Schedule :
17.30 h : Barn open to see sale heifers & free beer.

19.00 h : All German Holsteins Awards
Sale starts at 20.00 h (C.E.T.)
After the sale : After Sale Party

Contact persons GenHotel :
Boudewijn Koole            Mob.: +31 6 54796318        E-mail:
Martijn van der Boom    Mob.:  +31 6 24217748       E-mail:
René te Wierik                 Mob.:  +31 6 38005918       E-mail:


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LOT #0 Red Angler: Lady in Red (Schei x VG-88 Haithabu x Zober)
The total amount of money will be donated to the Jungzüchter Ostfriesland and the German foundation for braintumors

LOT #1 Leonie-Red, recently calved and very fancy Godewind RDC daughter
Milkproduction: 35,5kg with 3,63%f and 2,96%p (11.2019), 17 SCS. 

Lot #1

Lot #2​

LOT #2 HAM Anaconda Red, Diamondback RDC x VG-89 Joyboy-Red x VG-87 Rubens, Ready to show!

Lot #3​

Lot #5ViG Beatice VG-86 (Kingboy x VG-87 Jordan x EX-90 Dundee)
Milkproduction: 33,2kg with 3,56%f and 3,29%p (11.2019), 20 celg.

 Lot #8 Poppe Red Hot Rita 9033 ET (Gywer RDC x Mission P RDC x GP-83 Debutant Red)

Lot #9

Lot #12

Lot #12 GHO Chanel RDC VG-87 (Ladd P-Red x EX-90 Delta) Production: 33,6kg 3,90%F and 3,29%P

Lot #15

Lot #19 Las Vegas RDC ET (Absolute-Red x VG-86 Pitbull RDC) Production: 36,7kg with 4,45%F and 3,36%P 

Lot #20

Lot #21

Lot #22 

Lot #24 Lucky Miss ET (Missan x VG-86 Mardi Grass)  Production: 32,7kg with 3,8%F and 3,25%P

Lot #26

Lot #27

Lot #33

Lot #43​

Lot #47​

Lot #54

Lot #55

Lot #58

Lot #59

Lot #60​

Lot #61​

Lot #62

Lot #64

LOT #63 Rhala EX Blackrose RDC (Jacuzzi-Red x VG-89 Balisto x Bouw Goli Flower) with +430 gNVI!!
>>With embryo contracts of €9.000!!

Lot #66

LOT #66 Beautiful Atwood x VG-87 Beemer x EX-91 Talent

Lot #68

Lot #69