Wilder Kanu family is main supplier sale

Right now the 29th GenHotel Selection Sale is in full swing! Also this time the very successful Wilder Kanu is represented well. In the international Red Holstein breeding the impact of this popular cow family is huge.

In this sale are four heifers from the Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-88 family. This amount makes this family main supplier of the GenHotel Selection Sale. High indexes, flawless conformation and a large number of R&W sires in AI make it a very special and most of all wanted cow family. Some great bulls descend from this family, like: Wilder Baymax-Red, Paladin-Red, K&L Palace-Red, K&L Poppe RUW Allegro-Red and Schuit K&L Embrace-Red. Also the number 1 RZG proven red and homozygous polled sire, Wilder Laser PP, is from this family.

Great future is ahead for these lotnumbers too:

Lot 6: K&L ST KORNELIA P RED [Solitair P Red x Silky Red x Battlecry]
155 gRZG / 344 gNVI
Lot 10: K&L ST KONTIKI RED [Solitair P Red x Silky Red x Battlecry]
159 gRZG / 326 gNVI 
Lot 16: 3STAR ST KONTIKA P RED [Solitair P Red x Silky Red x Battlecry]
156 gRZ / 391 gNVI
 Lot 17: 3STAR ROYAL SWING RED [Swingman Red x Pace-Red x Battlecry]  
150 gRZG / 353 gNVI /2471 gTPI                    Picture: Wilder K25 Red VG-88

The GenHotel Selection Sale closes this week Thursday 3.00pm (C.E.T.).
Place your bid now on these unique heifers! Check out the webpage: GenHotel Selection Sale

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