Molenkamp Anky 4 scores VG-88

Caudumer Holsteins bought Molenkamp Anky 4 through the K&L Selection Sale from Molenkamp Holsteins. The Kylian daughter already impressed at the CRV Koe Expo and now she is classified VG-88. 

VG-89 Feet & Legs
Anky 4 finished 2nd in her class at the CRV Koe Expo. She scored 87 in frame, dairy strength and udder and scored 89 (!!) in feet and legs. This family is very popular. The last view years several bulls from this family entered AI stations. For example: the bull Molenkamp Sam (at CRV) is a ¾ brother to Anky 4. The future looks bright for Caudumer Holsteins because Anky 4 also has high genomic testing sons and daughters as well.

Molenkamp Anky 4 VG-88 at CRV Koe Expo


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