JK Eder Delta Alana*RF classified EX-90!

In March she was classified VG-89 already. Now, a couple months further in her 4th lactation, JK Eder Delta Alana*RF of Hedra Holsteins is classified EX-90 (90 FR 92 DS 91 MS 87 FL). The Mascol daughter of Alumette VG-89 (Lightning) was also present at the NRM and is projected at over 14.500 kg of milk in 305 days. Her eldest daughters are producing very well and it looks like Alana will be a great broodcow for Hedra Holsteins.

In the Hedra herd you can find several daughters of Alana. She has offspring by Direct, Geert, Campus, Jerudo and Fidelity. You can find two of them at the GenHotel site. These two are Hedra Delta Alumette 2-RF VG-86 (Fidelity) and Hedra Delta Alumette 4-Red VG-87 (Jerudo). A Campus 2-yr old of Alana just calved in and looks very promising as well.

More information: Hedra Holsteins

JK Eder Delta Alana*RF EX-90 (Mascol x Alumette)

Hedra Delta Alumette 2*RC VG-86 (Fidelity x Alana)

Hedra Delta Alumette 4-Red VG-87 (Jerudo x Alana)

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