GSS: Wilder Coco

Her name does not ring a bell right away, but Wilder Coco does hail from one of the finest families of the Holstein breed. This family breed bulls such as Commander, DG Charley, Chevrolet, Fanatic and many others. Off course we are talking about the offspring of no-other-than Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87, the impressive Shottle daughter of Larcrest Outside Champagne EX-90 (Outside x Larcrest Juror Chanel EX-93.

Wilder Coco

Back to Wilder Coco. She is a VG-85 classified Shotglass daughter of Drouner AJDH Cosmo VG-87, a Freddie daughter of Cosmopolitan. That makes her a half-sister to the "Genomic Giant" Col Carmen (s. Headliner) from Colonia Cows. 4 direct daughters of Coco sell at the German Selection Sale.

Lot 4: Wilder Choco (Damaris x Wilder Coco)

+150 GRZG & +2426 GTPI
Great numbers for production and health

Lot 5: Wilder Carry (Penley x Wilder Coco)

+147 GRZG
Top health traits

Lot 72: Wilder Calif (Damaris x Wilder Coco)

+143 GRZG & +2416 GTPI
Allround genomics with production, health and type

Lot 73: Wilder Candy (Penley x Wilder Coco)

+134 RZN, +135 RZS & +123 RZR
Great type: +130 RZE

Drouner AJDH Cosmo VG-87, dam to Wilder Coco and a Freddie daughter of Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87

Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87, great broodcow and granddam to Wilder Coco

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