Genomis USA (females)

The GTPI’s from the European females are added to the “Genomics” page. Below you will find the top 15 from this month. The highest genomic tested heifer this month is Peak SS82 Mntry 9077, a +2848 GTPI Montery daughter of OCD Supersire 9882 (Robust x Ammon-Peachey Shana; full sister to Shauna). She is owned by Peak-Alta, just as her full sister who is the #3 at +2700 GTPI. In between we find Dukefarm Delta Havelange (+2706 GTPI) owned by Dukefarm Holsteins. She is a Delta daughter of Cookiecutter Ssire Have, a pedigree that has more high scoring descendants.
Other high heifers owned by GenHotel members are a +2652 GTPI Jedi from CNN Holsteins, a +2638 GTPI AltaSuperstar owned by Colonia Cows and a +2629 GTPI Jedi from Wilder Holsteins.

Top 15 GTPI (09-2016)

Naam Afstamming GTPI Eigenaar
PEAK SS82 MNTRY 9077-ET Monterey x Supersire 2848 Peak-Alta, Koepon Genetics
DUKEFARM DELTA HAVELANGE Delta x Supersire 2706 Dukefarm Holsteins
PEAK SS82 MNTRY 9093-ET Monterey x Supersire 2700 Peak-Alta, Koepon Genetics
DKR BAELLA-ET Monterey x Chevrolet 2692 DKR Holsteins
DKR BABYDOLL-ET Monterey x Chevrolet 2689 DKR Holsteins
IT 19991473784 Draco x Supersire 2672 Italian owned
DE CROB RITA 0077-ET Doors Open x Balisto 2671 De Crob ET
CNN JEDI SHEREEN Jedi x Robust 2652 CNN Holsteins
de 1405232321 Commander x Sympatico RF 2649 German owned
COL DG GRACIA AltaSuperstar x President 2638 Colonia Cows
HUL-STEIN SUPER DARQ 2-ET Supersire x Tango 2632 Hul-Stein
WILDER HIMA Jedi x Modena 2629 Wilder Holsteins
DE CROB RITA 6153-ET Doors Open x Balisto 2623 De Crob ET
ALL.NURE SPRSHOT-DOORMAN (2) Supershot x Doorman 2623 All.Nure Holsteins
SUPERSHOT AMORE Supershot x McCutchen 2623 German owned
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