GenHotel members sell at Highlight Sale 2016

The Highlight Sale 2016 will be organised on Friday, Januari 8 in Hamm, Germany. Boudewijn Koole and Martijn van der Boom will be present during the sale. Please contact Martijn at +31(0)24217748 for more information.

Several GenHotel members offer heifers in the sale (see below). Click here for the catalogue.

Lot 1: Wilder Marlie

+154 GRZG / +2481 GTPI Missouri
From the same family as the high genomic bulls Gasometer (Galaxy; +152 GRZG), Argonaut (Anton; +152 GRZG) and Bugatti (Balisto; +153 GRZG).

Lot 5: CNN Lullu

+154 GRZG / +2463 GTPI Missouri from the Robthom Ivory Mark family
Goldwyn freee pedigree with type and longevity

Lomee 714 EX-90, granddam to lot 5

Lot 15: COL Eva

+152 GRZG / +2396 GTPI Commander with milk and fertility
From the UFM-Dubs Eroy family

Lot 17: Wilder Finja

+162 GRZG / +2386 GTPI Missouri straight from the Ralma Juror Faith family
Different pedigree: Missouri x Fanatic x Niagra x Pronto x Finley

Lot 22: COL Nena

+134 GRZG Lobach from the same family as RUW Aspirant P
Super type from a deep French cowfamily

Nema VG-87, the Shottle great-granddam to lot 22

Lot 24: Wilder Corinna

+161 GRZG / +2412 GTPI Damaris from the Larcrest Cosmopolitan family
Dam is a Shotglass of Drouner AJDH Cosmo (Freddie x Cosmopolitan)

Lot 25: Wilder Melissa

+157 GRZG / +2419 GTPI Powerball from the Wilder M family
The granddam of Melissa is also the dam to the high genomic bulls Gasometer (Galaxy; +152 GRZG), Argonaut (Anton; +152 GRZG) and Bugatti (Balisto; +153 GRZG).

Wilder Meta RDC VG-86
Wilder Meta RDC VG-86, granddam to 1 and lot 25 and the dam to Gasometer, Argonaut and Bugatti

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