GenHotel members caught on camera

Now that many events have been canceled, such as Dairy Winter Shows and (local) Dairy Summer Shows, it's a good time to look back on some online Video Contests that GenHotel members have successfully participated during the winter.

​Fokcie Videokeuring
One of the first Video Contest that took place in 2020 is the 'Fokcie Videokeuring' that is organized by students of the Aeres Hogeschool in Dronten. Our young members held up well in the large Holstein and Red Holstein catagories. Below the results of these exhibitors:

B&W Champion young: 
Holbra Joy VG-87 (Jedi x VG-86 Kingboy) exhibited by Jouke Holmer, Holbra Holsteins.
B&W Res. intermediate Champion: 
Holbra Lathoya 1 VG-88 (Paradise x VG-85 Lauthority) exhibited by Jouke Holmer, Holbra Holsteins.
B&W Champion older cows:
Holbra Hillie 20 EX-91 (AltaSpot x Brock) exhibited byHolbra Holsteins.

Click here for all B&W champions of the Fokcie Videokeuring.

R&W HM young*: Poppe Fienchen 1408 VG-88 (Mega-Watt RDC x VG-86 Colorado) exhibited by Julia Poppe, Poppe Holsteins
R&W Intermediate Champion: Drouner Aiko 1349 EX-90 (Effort x VG-87 Freddie) exhibited by Cees Albring, Drouner Holsteins 
R&W Champion older cows: Holbra Lian 3 EX-90 (Jotan x VG-85 Lichtblick) exhibited by Jouke Holmer, Holbra Holsteins.

Click here for all R&W champions of the Fokcie Videokeuring.
Correction to the error in the result in the video

​Fokstudieclub Dalfsen e.o.
Fokstudieclub Dalfsen e.o. had some beautiful champions in this 40th anniversary year. Below are the members who have won prizes:

Champion young: Aalshorst Geertje 241 VG-87 (Ferdi x Canvas) Aalshorst Holsteins
Res. Champion 2nd lactiation: Beeze Idao 31 VG-88 (Loptimum x VG-89 Epic) Beeze Holsteins
Champion 2nd lactation: Red Hot Feebe VG-88 (Balisto x VG-86 Amor Red) Red Hot Holsteins & Poppe Holsteins
Champion older cows (≥3 lactation): Beeze Idao 8 VG-89 (Epic x VG-86 Big Time) Beeze Holsteins

Click here for the results of the Videokeuring Dalfsen e.o. 

Videokeuring Fokstudieclub Ommen e.o.
Twenty first calvers participated  
Finalist: Veenhuizer K&L Nelize 8 VG-87 (Board x Balisto) De Wijde Blik

The footage of the finalists and champions of the Videokeuring Ommen e.o. CLICK HERE.

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