Classification Hedra Holsteins

Very good results during herd classification at Hedra Holsteins this week. 14 2-Yr Olds where classified with 85.4 points with 86 point for F&L. The herdaverage at Hedra is now up to 85 points over 101 classified cows.

Half-sister Danno

The highest classified cow this round was Delta Ria, an Epic daughter of Delta Riant VG-87 (Bolton x Etazon Renate VG-86). Ria, who also showed at the NRM in the themegroup with CRV-bulldams, is classified VG-88 in her 3rd lactation. A Cupido daughter of Ria, Remarlinda 526, was with VG-87 one of the highest classified 2-Yr Olds. Ria is a half-sister to Delta Bookem Danno, This Bookem son of Riant is still the #1 proven bull in the Netherlands.

Delta Rora

Delta Rora is also classified VG-87. This 2nd lactation G-Force daughter is projected at 11.681 kg of milk with 3.50% protein and has at least 10 daughters sired by Finder (4x), Brentano (3x), Ibiza (2x) and Danno (1x) with over +300 GNVI. One of her Finder daughters is the current #7 in the Netherlands with +388 GNVI.
The dam to Rora is Delta Robyn VG-85, a Gibor daughter. This pedigree goes via daughters of Shottle and Dustin back at Veneriete Ugela Sasta VG-86, a Ugela Bell daughter of Etazon Hyde VG-86.

Delta Jelena RDC

Also from the Etazon Hyde family, but from a different maternalline, hails Delta Jelena RDC VG-88. This Fidelity daughter of Delta Jacoline VG-87 (Shottle x O Man x Webster x Cash x Amos x Ugela Bell x Etazon Hyde) turns out ot be a great broodcow for Hedra Holsteins. Her granddaughters, Delta Jean (Incentive) and Riedel 552 (Elliot) are classified VG-86 and VG-85 respectively. Hedra Jahia RDC, a Red Carrier Fanatic daughter of Jelena RDC, is also classified VG-85. She has >300 GNVI offspring sired by Final, Finder and Almond.

Name Sire Dam Col La FR DS MS FL TOT
Delta Ria Epic Delta Riant Z 3 89 91 88 87 88
Remarlinda 526 Cupido Delta Ria Z 1 86 87 88 87 87
Illona 548 Jamaica Delta Ivy Z 1 88 88 87 87 87
Delta Rora G-Force Delta Robyn Z 2 86 85 86 88 87
Delta Jean Incentive Delta Jelma R 1 85 83 86 86 86
Wiza 551 Rocky Delta Giga Z 1 84 86 87 87 86
Wiza 543 Vitesse Delta Wanda Z 1 83 84 86 87 86
Alumette 542 Debutant D. Alumette 12 R 1 87 87 85 86 86
Illona 554 Anchorman Delta Ivy Z 1 84 87 86 86 86
Hedra Jahia RDC Fanatic Delta Jelena RDC Z 1 85 84 84 85 85
Delta Walline Perfect Aiko De Volmer Warsi RDC R 1 87 86 86 82 85
Riedel 552 Elliot Delta Jelma Z 1 84 84 86 85 85


Delta Jelena RDC VG-88
Delta Jelena RDC VG-88

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