Lot: 3 - Caudumer Royal Flash 3 P Red

Lot: 3

Caudumer Royal Flash 3 P Red

Heifer Caudumer Solitair P Red
Salvatore RC x Balisto x Magna-P RC
Royal Flash RDC
Styx Red x Silver x Chevrolet

Red, polled and 168 gRZG, 606 Inet, 399 gNVI: the absolute top!

Royal Flash 3 P Red is an extremely high Caudumer Solitair P Red daughter, combining tremendous production potential with a skyhigh productive life proof: 140 gRZN! Positive scores for all functional and health traits and kappa-casein BB!

► From 4 full sisters Royal Flash 3 P Red is by far the highest for both gRZG and gNVI. She is also the number 1 gNVI Solitair P Red daughter in the Netherlands.

► Early Solitair P Red from the originally black & white cow family of Jocko Besne daughter Radieuse EX-91, foundation cow behind f.e. the German proven sire KNS Boss and the number 2 PFT proven sire KNS Brasileiro!

► Are you looking for top Red Holstein and polled? Don't miss Royal Flash 3 P Red, a unique opportunity!


Price /
6 € 1.200,- € 7.200,-
6 € 900,- € 5.400,-
6 € 800,- € 4.800,-
Total € 17.400,-

Haplotypes : H1F - H2F - H3F - H4F - H5F - H6F - CDF 

Caudumer Royal Flash 3 P Red

Remark: Flash 3 P Red is IBR tested free, but the recipient cow has been vaccinated. Flash 3 has maternal antibodies now for IBR gB because of that. She will get free in time. If she will be sold to an IBR status 10 country, she can stay at the sellers place until she is ready for export. The feeding costs for that extra time will be for the seller.

KNS Rendezvous
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Genomic index DEU: +168 GRZG (2019-12)

Production 2806 M -0.28%F -0.23%P 86 F 70 P 154 RZM
Health 140 RZN 121 RZS 113 RZR
Type 94 KÖR 112 MTY 121 EUT 112 FUN 118 RZE

Genomic index NLD: +399 GNVI (2019-12; R&W)

Production 3427 M -0.43%F -0.35%P 104 F 83 P 606 INET
Health 805 LVD 103 UGH 103 CGT 104 VRU
Type 96 FR 101 RB 112 UI 102 BE 106 TOT


Caudumer Royal Flash 3 P Red

Solitair P Red

Royal Flash RDC

Red carrier Styx from the KNS Boss family, due July 2020

Styx Red

KNS Royal Silver GP-84

LA1 183d 8.117kgM 3.31%F 269kgF 3.17%P 257kgP

Dam of BG Radames RDC, very high type bull @OHG (highest Red carrier bull on RZE)


KNS Royalty GP-84

LA1 305d 8.344kgM 4.21%F 351kgF 3.31%P 276kgP
LA2 305d 8.890kgM 4.74%F 421kgF 3.45%P 307kgP

Next generations

  • KNS Rendezvous VG-85 (s. Man-O-Man)
    Dam to KNS Boss
  • KNS Riviera VG-86 (s. Goldwyn)
  • Radieuse EX-91 (s. Jocko)
  • Maryna VG-86 (s. Labelle)
  • Jessica VG-85 (s. Oscar)
  • Geode VG-87 (s. Leadman)