Lot: 2 - K&L KD Wonder

Lot: 2

K&L KD Wonder

Heifer Woodcrest King Doc
Kingboy x Mack x Snowman
Siemers Solomon Whipcream GP-82
Solomon x Brokaw x Sanchez

Very fancy Woodcrest King Doc heifer with +3.71 gPTAT and outstanding type pedigree!

► Her dam Siemers Solomon Whipcream has calved at Siemers Holsteins, looks fine and produces ± 100 lbs/day.

► Granddam of Wanda is the awesome Siemers Brokaw Whipcream EX-91, the 9th generation EXCELLENT scored in a row!

► Exclusive opportunity to bring a great show heifer from this top type family in your barn!

Haplotypes : H1F - H2F - H3F - H4F - H5F - H6F - CDF

Siemers Brkw Whipcream EX-91, EX-92 MS

Siemers Brkw Whipcream EX-91, EX-92 MS

Siemers Brkw Whipcream
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Genomic index USA: +2214 GTPI (2019-12)

Production 293 M 0.14%F 0.02%P 49 F 15 P 330 NM
Health +1.1 PL 2.93 SCS -0.2 DPR
Type 2.48 UDC 1.27 F&L 3.71 PTAT


K&L KD Wonder

King Doc

Siemers Solomon Whipcream GP-82

2.01 92d 2.790kgM 4.0%F 246kgF 2.9%P 179kgP

Last recording: 44.0 kgs with 4.1% fat and 3.2% protein


Siemers Brkw Whipcream EX-91

2.00 304d 11.036kgM 4.4%F 486kgF 3.4%P 375kgP
3.00 305d 14.751kgM 4.0%F 590kgF 3.5%P 516kgP

9th Generation Excellent in a row!


Vision-Gen Snz Whip-A770 EX-94

2.09 299d 12.841kgM 3.1%F 395kgF 3.0%P 379kgP
3.09 305d 15.948kgM 2.6%F 420kgF 2.9%P 462kgP
5.03 305d 17.840kgM 3.2%F 576kgF 2.9%P 520kgP

Next generations

  • Juniper Goldwyn Wistful EX-93 (s. Goldwyn)
    ► 15 VG and 2 Excellent daughters in the USA
  • Juniper Outside Wish EX-95 (s. Outside)
  • Norz-Hill Form Wok EX-94 (s. Formation)
  • Norz-Hill Bench Winny EX-94 (s. Benchmark)
  • Norz-Hill Cleitus Winken-Twin EX-90 (s. Cleitus)
  • Autumn-Ridge NH Ned Boy Wessel EX-90 (s. Ned Boy)