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Progeny presentation

The German Dairy Show, and therefore also the progeny presentation could not take place this year in its usual form. Alternatively, the herdbooks were given the opportunity to present their best sires by videos of lactating daughters.... Read more


RZH SIE Seattle sold for €50.000!

There was a lot of enthousiasm for the 47 lotnumbers at the HighlightSale last Friday in Hamm, Germany. From this total of 47 sale heifers 41 were sold for a tremendous average of € 8.066! Salesmasher was RZH SIE Seattle. With such an amazing genomic profile it was already certain before the sale that she would be the topseller this year. But nobody expected that she would be sold for € 50.000!... Read more


Election German cow of the year 2018

At the election of German Cow of the Year 2018 by the German magazine Kuhfacto RR Shottle Elisa has been chosen cow of the year 2018! The cow, owned by family Reinermann has been sold as an embryo by Broekhuis Vee... Read more


Top bulls from the RUW Study family

One of the highest bulls in Germany is HaS Proventus, bred by Hof am Sylvert (HaS) from Olaf and Kirsten Rörden. Proventus is a +162 GRZG President son from a Snowmaster daughter of Has Stone.... Read more

Sambuca 116 / Tidy-Brook Elton Steph

BUN Pen Sunrise VG-86

VG-86 Penley x Boss x VG-86 Beacon

Dam of the top proven bull HaS Garido (s. Gymnast) @ RBB,

Broeks MBM Elsa / Ever-Green-View Elsa

RR Elegance

Defender x EX-90 Bookem x EX-90 Shottle

Very high RZG & GTPI Defender from one of the best Bookem daughters, RR Bookem Elise

OH Waleria

OH White Model VG-86

VG-86 Model x VG-86 Goldday x VG-87 Champion

Dam to HaS Lightstar (s. Lighter) @ Masterrind

HaS White Bay VG-85

VG-85 Battlecry x VG-86 Model x VG-86 Goldday

Extremely high Battlecry of OH White Model

HaS White Carr

Kerrigan x VG-86 Model x VG-86 Goldday

Kerrigan daughter from OH White Model

HaS White Gym GP-84

GP-84 Gymnast x VG-85 Battlecry x VG-86 Model

Extremely high GRZG Gymnast

HaS 59797

Freemax x GP-84 Gymnast x VG-85 Battlecry

RUW Study / Fly-Higher O Man Stutter

RUW Study 122 VG-87

VG-87 Billion x EX-90 O Man x EX-92 Durham

Granddam to Ipnos (Shotglass x Scaloni) in France

HaS Selection VG-86

VG-86 Beacon x VG-87 Billion x EX-90 O Man

Beacon daughter from RUW Study

HaS Stalaxy VG-85

VG-85 Galaxy x VG-86 Beacon x VG-87 Billion

Dam to the bulls HaS Starello RDC (s. Styx) @ RBB & HaS Barkeeper (s. Battlecry) @ Masterrind

HaS Strandfee

Commander x VG-86 Beacon x VG-87 Billion

Top GRZG Commander of HaS Kontex @RSH

HaS Dolph Stalaxy

Dolph x VG-85 Galaxy x VG-86 Beacon

Very high Dolph daughter of HaS Stalaxy

Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy

HaS Light Flounder

Lighter x VG-85 Silver x VG-88 McCutchen

Lovely Lighter daughter from the Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy family

Caps Mairy / Jo-Wal Cleitus Macey


Chevrolet x VG-87 Xacobeo x VG-85 Goldwyn

Fancy Chevrolet daughter

Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude / KHW Goldwyn Aiko

HaS Apple Red

Effort x VG-87 Freddie x EX-91 Goldwyn

Lovely R&W Effort of Drouner AJDH Aiko RDC

Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret

RZH SIE Seattle

AltaDateline x Rubi-Asp RC x Supershot

Proud to have bred

HaS Starello RDC

Styx x HaS Stalaxy

HaS Barkeeper

Battlecry x HaS Stalaxy

#5 GRZG 04-2017

HaS Minosch

Missouri x HaS Stalaxy

HaS Sylvert

Silver x HaS Stalaxy

prven bull at Masterrind

HaS Bellarabi

Banesto x HaS Sticky

HaS Lightstar

Lighter x OH White Model

#1 GRZG 10-2017

HaS Garido

Gymnast x BUN Pen Sunrise

Top 10 proven bull in Germany

HaS White Bay VG-85

Battlecry x VG-85 OH White Model

BUN Pen Sunrise VG-86

De-Su Penley 11839 x Shirley

HaS White Blac VG-85

De L'Avenir Jetset x OH White Model

HaS Kontex

Kerrigan x Strandfee

Proven bull @RSH

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