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Team LisLéck with Lis Miley 8267 RDC VG-86

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Lis Opal EX-91 named Best Production Cow

Multiple bull dam and Luxembourg's No. 1 production cow for 2019-2020, Lis Opal EX-91, entered the show ring of the Lëtz Holstein Show 2023 last weekend at the age of 8 years old. The fifth lactation Seagull-Bay Silver calved in January 2023 and remained in such good condition... Read more


LisLéck Holsteins awarded as 'Master Breeder 2022'!

During the annual meeting of the Luxembourg herdbook Convis, several awards were presented to the associated breeders and dairy farmers. There was particular fame for the 48 Luxembourg cows that achieved a life production of more than 100,000 kgs in 2022, as well as the two dairy cows with a production of more than 10,000 kgs of fat and protein. GenHotel member and well-known breeders Christian Lis & Marianne Vaessen, from LisLéck Holsteins, were also present and received several fantastic prizes! The biggest crowning of all was their achievement of the title 'Master Breeder 2022'.... Read more


Excellent visit for the 6-yr-old Xenia

A few days after we featured that granddaughter Lis K&L Xemmi 7970 classified VG-88, the fourth lactation Cogent Supershot - owned by LisLéck Holsteins and GenHotel - also managed to raise her score!... Read more


Xenia VG-89 her high producing granddaughter pictured

The first calver Lis K&L Xemmi 7970 was already classified at the end of last year with VG-88 (VG-89 FL) and is projected 13,662 kgsM with 4.20% fat and 3.53% protein in 305 days! Recently she was captured on camera and we can all enjoy this highly productive Kensington daughter.... Read more


Indexnews Germany

This morning the German December 2021 indexes were published. After a major update during the August index turn, we now see stable values for both the progeny proven and the young sires. Where in August the difference between the top of the young Red- and Holstein bulls were still quite mentionable, the Red Holstein bulls catch up slowly!... Read more


Stunning milk recording year for LisLéck Holsteins

At the end of 2020, the milk record results for the year 2019-2020 were published in the Luxembourg journal 'De lëtzebuerger ziichterer'. In this, GenHotel member LisLéck Holsteins (owned by Christian & Marianne Lis-Vaessen) was able to place itself several times in the top rankings.... Read more


Julia 409 P Red won the heart of the jury

For breeders from the Dutch area Apeldoorn organising a video competition brought a great opportunity to prepare the best cows and present them to the judges. A wonderful initiative that for Julia 409 P Red ensured a day with amazing success!... Read more


Lis Souki at Masterrind is now daughter proven

Seagull-Bay Silver son Lis Souki has graduated as daughterproven sire during the April proof run. From the Clear-Echo 822 Ramos 1200 EX-94 cow family, from which also the number 2 NVI proven sire S-S-I Mogul Reflector and De-Su 521 Bookem descend, Lis Souki is the next chapter in this success story... Read more


Update LisLéck

At Lis-Léck Holsteins in Wincrange, Luxemburg three milking 2-yr-olds out of successful cow families have been pictured recently.... Read more


GTPI females 04-2016

HH Silver Hannie from Hemrik Holsteins is the highest new tested heifer for GTPI at +2757 GTPI (04-2016). Koepon Rubi Classy 278 owned by Koepon Genetics follows in 2nd... Read more


VOST Select Sale 3

The VOST Select Sale 3 will be organised next Friday, November 27. Several GenHotel members are selling heifers in this sale.... Read more


More lots LSCS 2015

Lis Leck Holsteins, Antimonium Holsteins and Visstein Holsteins also sell heifers at the Luxembourg Summer Classics Sale 2015. Let's have... Read more

VRC (Variant Red Gene Carrier)

Morsan Lis F. Special-Red VG-87

VG-87 Man-O-Man x VG-88 Goldwyn x VG-85 Lee

Several (red) sons in AI

Morsan Lis Tretica-Red VG-86

VG-86 Man-O-Man x VG-88 Goldwyn x VG-85 Lee

Very popular family; unique pedigree for red/white

Lis Springel Red

Adrian x VG-87 Ammon x VG-87 Man-O-Man

High red Adrian granddaughter of Morsan Lis F. Special-Red

Caudumer Lol

Caudumer Lol 312 P Red VG-87

VG-87 Alchemy RDC x VG-87 Lawn Boy P-Red x VG-87 Stadel


Lis K&L Lol 8312 P Red VG-85

VG-85 Kanu P x VG-87 Alchemy RDC x VG-87 Lawn Boy P-Red

Super Polled heifer out of the super breeding Lol family!

Show ~ Show ~ Show

Lis Miley 8267 RDC VG-86

VG-86 McCutchen x GP-84 Jordan x VG-85 Stabilo

Lovely RDC McCutchen great-granddaughter of MLR Mylene-Red

Benthemmer Jenifer VG-86

VG-86 Windbrook x VG-88 Colby x VG-88 Laudan

Fancy Windbrook of Hol-Stiens Jazzstar

Clear-Echo 822 Ramos 1200

Lis De-Su Oakly 8273 VG-86

VG-86 AltaOak x VG-86 Bookem x VG-87 Man-O-Man

Dam to Lis Antek P (s. Apoll P)

Lis De-Su Oak 8255 VG-85

VG-85 AltaOak x VG-86 Bookem x VG-87 Man-O-Man

Dam to Lis Souki (v. Silver) @ Masterrind and Lis Sirio (s. Silver) @ RBB

Lis 2871

Silver x VG-85 AltaOak x VG-86 Bookem

High GTPI Silver from the Clear-Echo 822 Ramos 1200 family

Lis Orienta RDC VG-85

VG-85 Payback Red x VG-85 AltaOak x VG-86 Bookem

From the phenomenal Clear-Echo 822 Ramos 1200 EX-94, one of greatest Ramos daughters globally

Lis Opal EX-91

EX-91 Silver x VG-85 AltaOak x VG-86 Bookem

Dam of Boldi V Gymnast sons Granat @ VOST and Granito @ Masterrind and Endco Superhero sons Senetto and Supervisor @ Masterrind

Willem's Hoeve Rita

Lis-Leck K&L FT Rita GP-83

GP-83 Fanatic x VG-86 Snowman x VG-87 Goldwyn

Fantastic pedigree from the Willem's Hoeve Rita family

Lis K&L Super Rita

Supershot x GP-83 Fanatic x VG-86 Snowman

Supershot out of the Willem's Hoeve Rita family

WEU Extra

Xenia EX-90

EX-90 Supershot x VG-85 Shotglass x VG-86 Pioneer

The highest GRZG Supershot daughter globally (4-2019) and 2 sons in AI

Lis K&L Xandra 68

Rubi Agronaut x EX-90 Supershot x VG-85 Shotglass

Highest Rubi Agronaut in the German system: 155 gRZG!

Lis K&L Xunia 3362

Lighter x EX-90 Supershot x VG-85 Shotglass

One of the highest GRZG Lighter daughters

Lis K&L Xamina

Mr Puma x EX-90 Supershot x VG-85 Shotglass

Lovely Mr Puma from one of the highest GRZG Supershot daughters

Lis K&L Xemmi 7970 VG-88

VG-88 Kensington x Lighter x EX-90 Supershot

► Sky-high gRZG Kensington daughter with tremendous production potential

Morningview Converse Judy

COL Nadja VG-85

VG-85 Missouri x VG-85 Lexor x VG-88 Observer

Very nice Missouri daughter, looks good and milks well

Lis K&L Namibia 3398

Finder x VG-85 Missouri x VG-85 Lexor

Fantastic Finder daughter backed by the Heidenskipster Shottle Silver / Morningview Converse Judy family

Lis K&L Navette 3746

Gywer RDC x Finder x VG-85 Missouri

Lis K&L Nautika 3748

Gywer RDC x Finder x VG-85 Missouri

Lis K&L Nanja 3755 RDC

Gywer RDC x Finder x VG-85 Missouri

Overige interessante dieren / other interesting animals


Racer x VG-85 Snowman x EX-90 Atwood

Top GRZG Racer daughter with super type (RZE)

NH Fanatic Queenworld GP-83

GP-83 Fanatic x VG-85 Beacon x VG-87 Bolton

Fancy Fanatic of Beacon Queen

K&L HWH SR Sia GP-83

GP-83 Suran x VG-87 Freddie x VG-88 Shottle

Suran of PBCD FD Sina

Lis-Leck Suzanne

Jetset x VG-85 Supersonic x VG-88 Armstead

Jetset from the same family as De-Su Bookem

Lis Critty VG-86

VG-86 Moonboy x VG-85 Jeeves x EX-90 Goldwyn

Dam to Lis Boswell (v. Board) @ Masterrind

NH Cashcoin Elena

Cashcoin x VG-87 Sanchez x VG-85 Bolton

Fancy Cashcoin out of Vendairy Elita, high producing Sanchez daughter

Lis-Leck Laluna VG-85

VG-85 Rubicon x VG-87 Morgan x VG-88 Snowman

Top GTPI & GRZG Rubicon from the Holbra / Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence family

Lis K&L Nelya

Lighter x Balisto x VG-87 Man-O-Man

Top GRZG Lighter daughter


Merryguy x Bandares x VG-85 Supershot

Young Merryguy from the De-Su BW Marshal Georgia family 

Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret

LIS Rapunzel RDC

AltaHothand x Rubi-Asp RC x Supershot

Proud to have bred


Headliner x Morsan Lis Tretica-Red

#2 GPFT Red in Italy (08-2015)

Antek P

Apoll P Red x Lis De-Su Oakly 8273


Board x Lis Critty

Souki Et

Silver x Lis De-Su Oak 8255


Silver x Lis De-Su Oak 8255


Superhero x Lis Opal

Lis Granito

Gymnast x Lis Opal

Proven bull at Masterrind


Lighter x Xenia VG-87 @RUW


Top 10 proven bull in Germany 12-2021 @RBB

Superhero x LIS Opal

Noorder Splash Lis Splash 7292 VRC VG-88

Red Byway from the Marktwain Charles Dixie EX-90 family

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